Ann Njogu – Kenya

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Ann Njogu is the executive director of the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness in Nairobi, Kenya. In recognition of her contribution toward gender equity, Njogu received the International Community Awareness Award given by Rainbow House in Chicago, Illinois. (OSI-Forum).

She asks: … “If indeed the commissioners were in possession of the files, how did they get access to them yet the chairman is on record that they needed a court order to access the documents? When did they obtain the order?” … (full text of Crucial files lost in ECK drama, March 3, 2008).

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Ann Njogu – Kenya

She works as Executive Director of the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness CREAW in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ann Njogu named in Charity Ngilu’s wikipedia-text.

It was an assassination attempt on the life of Mwalimu Mati, Ouma Odera and Okoiti Omtatah. There was also a brutal attack on Ann Njogu and Hon. Charity Ngilu Minister of Health who was roughed up when she went to Ann Njogu’s rescue. All five leaders were removed from central police station without the knowledge of their families, olleagues and friends in an attempt to assassinate them. The police alerted the media that they had released the civil society leaders when in fact they had not … (full text, August 1, 2007).

Female Candidates in Kenya Say They Face Discrimination, Violence, Dec. 24, 2007.

… Sexual abuse on children and young adolescents is also increasing at family level. The World Health Organisation estimates a prevalence of 25 per cent for girls and eight for boys. Mrs Ann Njogu, executive director of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Education of Abused Women (Creaw) decries harassment by police when dealing with rape cases. The harassment, she says, discourages many victims from reporting rape cases. (full text, March 10, 2008).

Women’s Property Rights in Kenya’s Draft Constitution, A Joint Letter to Delegates of Kenya’s National Constitutional Conference, August 2003.

And what did the Court of Appeal think of this submission? “Of course, wealthy Kenyans who can afford legal representation invariably raise such complaints and even go as far as asking the magistrate to stay the proceedings to enable them go before the High Court to challenge the constitutionality of their so having been detained.” Citing Anne Njogu & Others VS Republic, HC Misc Appl no 551 of 2007(unreported), the judges posed thus: “Is the enjoyment of these basic constitutional rights to be confined to those who are able to muster representation by 20 advocates? What about those who are now popularly referred to as ‘the poor and vulnerable’? In the Anne Njogu case, 20 advocates, led by lawyer Mr Pheroze Nowrojee, asked Justice Onesmus Mutungi, on behalf of six applicants and even before a plea could be taken by the magistrate, to rule that as the applicants’ constitutional rights had been violated their prosecution ought not to proceed. Mutungi duly obliged. Said the judges: “We do not accept the proposition that the burden is upon an accused person to complain to a magistrate or a judge about the unlawful detention in the custody of the police. The prosecuting authorities themselves know the time and date when an accused was arrested … (full text, March 10, 2008).

Kenyan minister arrested after going to activist’s aid, August 3, 2007.

Ann Njogu, Executive Director of the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) in Nairobi, shared Margaret’s story during a March 9, 2006, forum hosted by SHARP. CREAW is a nongovernmental organization created to enhance women’s access to basic human rights through the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence, and to promote equality and justice. In addition to providing legal aid for survivors of abuse, advocating for women’s rights, and lobbying for progressive legislation around sexual abuse, domestic violence and affirmative action, CREAW’s staff work on gender based violence prevention at the community level through education, mobilization and awareness raising campaigns … (full text).

women’s hour, international archive.

The Kabete MP said he would on Friday be moving to court to challenge the arrest. In her statement, Ngilu denied storming the Central Police Station on Tuesday to assist Mrs Ann Njogu to escape from custody. Njogu had earlier that day been arrested, together with four other civil society activists, for marching on Parliament to protest against a move by MPs to increase their allowances and hand themselves hefty gratuity … (full text August 2, 2007).

Kamukunji Constituency.

She says: “Mr. Speaker Sir, in the Kisii community culture, if you approach a girl for the first time and she says ‘yes,’ you leave her because
she is a prostitute. She has to pretend that she does not agree with your request, then you make more advances … she might even refuse completely. I do not condone rape, but I am saying that this bill must be in tandem with the cultures of this country. I am one of those people who have looked at the bill, chapter by chapter … You know as much as I do that these creatures (women) are somehow shy. They are not as open as men are … When an African lady says no she means yes”… (full text, Kenya passes Sexual Offenses Bill, September 2006).
In Kenya’s High Court.

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