Alice Karekezi – Rwanda

Goes with ‘Assuming Authority‘.

Alice Karekezi, Lead Researcher and Project Coordinator, Justice, Human Rights and Governance Programme, Center for Conflict Management, National University of Rwanda, Butare, Rwanda. Research Project: Building on Community Strengths: Rethinking the Implementation of Gacaca Jurisdictions.

Alice Karekezi – Rwanda

Alice Karekezi, who has worked directly with witnesses at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

She illustrated the women’s victimization: 1. A woman who gets raped in war becomes a victim on three levels. First, her human rights are violated through the actual crime. 2. Then, she has to face the society she lives in, which often condemns a woman who has been raped. 3. Finally, her body, the most intimate thing she has, has been invaded by the perpetrator. All these humiliations make it very hard for a woman to testify about the assault.

”Just taking the plane to go and testify at a court far from home is a difficult experience for most women in this situation”, Alice Karekezi says to illustrates the victims’ exposed situation and feelings of inferiority vis-à-vis the big legal apparatus.


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