Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. – USA

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Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. (born September 8, 1922 in Rochester, New Hampshire) is an American economist, philosopher, political activist, and founder of several political organizations in the United States and elsewhere, jointly referred to as the LaRouche movement. He is known as a perennial candidate for President of the United States, having run in eight elections since 1976, once as a U.S. Labor Party candidate and seven times as a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination … (full long text on wikipedia).

He says first: “A diagnosis: The nation is not only very sick; the nation is terminally ill and we are in the final phase of a terminal illness“.


Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr. – USA

In These New York Times: Predident George W. Nero, August 6, 2006.

Then he says: “Corporate business is a gambling table. It is not an enterprise. It is not a business with a purpose. In the old days, somebody would have a business. The business would have a speciality. Their purpose was to be successful at that business and to have the business survive for the coming generations. But with the corporation, you have people who invest in a stock for one or two days. There is no real long-term commitment to doing something. There is a short-term commitment to becoming rich, but not a short-term commitment to building the future. They’re always looking for a short-term get-rich, they’re always looking for ME, not for what they do for the country. Therefore, forecasting is based on these kinds of ideas. But the world doesn’t work that way … (full interview text, Nov. 22, 2005).

Duggan Hoax Rewarmed Again, Nov. 8, 2006.

… LaRouche is the author of ” So, You Wish To Learn All About Economics?” and “The Science of Christian Economy”. Taxes & Spending:

  • Increase federal spending and taxes–if needed to provide services and protection to the Americans.
  • Regardless of increases or decreases, it is vitally important that federal spending and taxes are balanced.
  • Full employment for all Americans should be federal policy.
  • Advocates a national program modeled after Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and its TVA, including a detailed plan to create a “Super-TVA” to upgrade and fix the country’s transportation network, with high-speed magnetic rail.

Such emergency infrastructure resolution would make millions of jobs, and be the first step toward America becoming a producer society again. His program reportedly influenced Kucinich to announce his running as an FDR Democrat. “We must shift from the Wal-Mart to reality. Reality means infrastructure building as the leading edge of a revival of durable goods production” … (full text).

It Happened in Berlin Last Week, July 4, 2005.

LaRouche continued his political activity upon his release from prison in 1994, concentrating much of his attention on Third World nations … (recent); LaRouche in popular culture: LaRouche is often referenced in popular culture. He is typically portrayed as a paranoid conspiracy theorist … (more); Web pages critical of LaRouche; LaRouche responses to critics; … etc etc (many textes on wikipedia).

I’ll get to China sometime: Interview (VIII), November 22, 2005.

He writes: When I pledged my support to U.S. Senator John Kerry’s Democratic nomination for election, in July-August 2004, I had also resolved to remove myself from the roster of U.S. Presidential candidates, but to retreat to the higher-ranking, more cumbersome, but more appropriate position of a defender of the constitutional institution of the U.S. Presidency for the sake of heroes past, and generations yet to come. This was no more sentiment, no mere posture. It was a role I had adopted in full awareness of the immediately growing danger to not only our republic, but the world at large for generations yet to come … (full long text, March 25, 2008).

Zbigniew Brzezinski and September 11th, December 23, 2001.

He writes also: As most clearly stated by the voice of Germany’s financial market, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the Bear Stearns bankruptcy marks the point at which the present world monetary-financial system has entered the terminal, hyperinflationary-collapse phase of that breakdown-crisis which began at the close of the previous July. Now, there are three essential measures which must be taken more or less immediately, before the situation in the U.S.A. and western Europe becomes hopeless. These are the three types of measures which I have presented earlier; those who continue to resist the adoption of these measures now fall promptly into the category of incompetence known as mental cases … (in Three Steps to Survival, March 17, 2008).

Call Them `The Baby Doomers’, June 18, 2000.

He says also: “… In order to produce too many for this industry, we have set up a credit system which is insane in the auto industry. The people who are running the auto industry are insane, absolutely incompetent and insane. They’re only interested in money. The key thing is here. What you have in Europe and in the United States in particular. You have a section of the economy which is called the machine-tool sector. These are the people who make the machines that make the machines. You have, for example in Japan, a sector which has that kind of capability too, a machine-tool sector. Japan’s economic power, apart from whatever else it did, was from the machine tool sector, the science machine tool sector, which they adopted under the Meiji reforms which were designed by the United States in the late 1870s. So you had Henry Carey’s friend, Peshine Smith, who was sent to Japan from the United States to advise Japan and that’s how Japan’s industrial revolution occurred in 1877-79. So this was realized later when Japan developed a machine-tool industry, and they got into the auto industry and so forth. And Japan’s machine-tool technology is very good. They’re very advanced in this. The outside Japan is very sick, but inside Japan, the old Japan, the industrial Japan has a very good section in the machine-tool sector. Now the machine-tool sector is the key to developing any modern economy. The machine-tool sector is a small percentile of the total labor-force. But it is the part of the labor-force which actually develops the economy” … (full long interview text).

It’s Still the Physical Economy, Stupid!

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The views of Lyndon LaRouche cover a wide variety of topics including history, economics, politics, cultural issues, and various conspiracy theories. They are the source of much controversy, his critics and supporters often have difficulty agreeing on the meaning of statements he has made. This is complicated by the fact that LaRouche’s views have changed considerably over time, particularly during the 1970s when he abandoned much of his Marxist philosophy, and moved towards the right.[1] While his followers see LaRouche’s views as being those of a brilliant and original thinker, his critics see them as conspiratorial and anti-semitic.[2][3] … (full text on


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Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. – the only man qualified to be US President, or a sad old man with more money than sense?

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