Wei Jingsheng – China

Born on 20 May 1950 in Beijing, into a family of loyal Communist Party members with connections to many of the top party leaders. His father holds a high-ranking job in the Foreign Ministry. Wei is the eldest of four children. He is educated in elite Communist Party schools and grows up to be a committed Maoist.

Wei Jingsheng – China

1968 – The militant phase of the Cultural Revolution comes to an end towards the middle of the year when Mao reassesses the usefulness of revolutionary violence.

Many of the leaders of the Red Guards are arrested, universities are reopened, skilled workers are returned to the positions from which they were previously removed, and foreign companies are allowed to invest in selected projects.

Fearing that he too may be arrested, Wei flees in his family’s ancestral village in Anhui Province in central China. During the year he spends there he will hear stories of the famine caused by the Great Leap Forward.

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Present-day – From his exile in the US Wei continues his campaign to achieve human rights and democracy in China. He serves as chairman of the OCDC and also as president of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in New York.



berkeley interview;

an article by Robert A. Senser.

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