Rafael C. Lopa – Philippines

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Rafael C. Lopa looks at emerging social enterprises and how to engage the business sector in building social capital at grassroots level. Introduction by Mal Warwick (Newsletter of the Resource Alliance.org).

World Forum, Introduction and essential information … in Edinburgh, Scotland from September 2nd to 5th 2008. (full text).

Billionaire venture capitalist Sir Tom Hunter is to be a keynote speaker at the UK’s first annual social investment conference, Good Deals, in London on Tuesday 6th May, 2008. Presented by the Office of the Third Sector (OTS) in partnership with NESTA, Good Deals will bring together a wide range of high profile contributors to debate and learn about new opportunities for financing social change … (full text).

ASA Philippines Foundation/about.


Rafael C. Lopa – Philippines

Employment and skills for disadvantaged people, Social Firms: a solution. Conference 23 – 24 June 2008, Reading University – Background and event objectives: This conference is relevant for Social Firms, social enterprises and service providers who have an interest and active involvement in helping people furthest away from the labour market into employment and training opportunities … (full text Social Firms.uk).

What is the future of social enterprise in ethical markets? By Dr Alex Nicholls MBA, a social enterprise think piece for the Office of the Third Sector, November 2007, 26 pages.

Rafael is currently involved in promoting Social Entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Concretely, he sits on the board of ASA Philippines Foundation, a Non-governmental Organization involved in Micro-Financing for poor enterprising women. He is also on the Board of the PINOYME Foundation, a foundation that is in the process of setting up a Social Investment Banking Operation geared to further strengthen the Micro-Finance Institutions in the Philippines. Rafael serves as Chairman of MicroVentures, Inc. MVI, a Social Business Enterprise geared to be the leading business partner of MicroEntrepreneurs. To date, MVI has pioneered the establishment of a network of small village /community based stores (or what we refer to as “Sari-sari Stores) owned by women micro-entrepreneurs catering to the Bottom of the Pyramid Market. He will be a featured speaker at the International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation (IWRM) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22-25 May 2008 … (full text).

Welcome to the Social Enterprise Network.

New Masters in Social Enterprise and Community Development 16 January 2008: A new Masters programme in Social Enterprise and Community Development has got off to a flying start, attracting ambitious students from the UK and overseas. Spread over two years, the course comprises seven residential teaching blocks, all based at Wolfson College, coordinated by the Institute of Continuing Education and Judge Business School … (full text).

The Google-book The Emergence of Social Enterprise, by Carlo Borzaga, Jacques Defourny, 396 pages, 2001.

Some Google-books:
The New Social Entrepreneurship: What Awaits Social Entrepreneurship, 341 pages, 2006;
Community Economic Development, by Graham Haughton, Regional Studies Association, 276 pages, 1999.

He is part of the management team of the MFI Luisita, Tarlac Training Center, Tarlac-City, Philippines.

We have been investigating the finance needs of social enterprises and examining emerging practices amongst social enterprises and finance providers. Homeopathic Finance – Equitable Capital for Social Enterprises highlights that the barriers to growth include an ‘unhealthy bids culture’ and the need for more sophisticated forms of finance – including a more sophisticated use of grants and loans, and a need for ‘patient’ equity. (full text).

… 15 breakout workshops covering topics such as Development Research, Direct Mail, Major Donors, TV Appeals, Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Financial Management, run by local and international experts including: Charlotte Grimshaw, Ernest Custodio, Andrian Lee, Rafael C. Lopa, Timothy Ma, Joel MacCollam, Ned Roberto, Ph.D, John L. Silva, Christiana Stergiou, Simon Collings, Jessie Tong, Sean Triner and Sue-Anne Wallace … (full text).

Social enterprise is a powerful global concept which describes those businesses with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally re-invested for that purpose in businesses or in the community. SEJ is the first journal to focus specifically on this aspect of entrepreneurial activity. Social enterprises have not been the subject of rigorous research to determine the current practices and needs of managers within this developing area. It is also debatable whether we have a robust and agreed map of the sector. The SEJ seeks to address this void by inviting scholars and practitioners to present their theories and frameworks for understanding social enterprise, and invites research that examines a range of topics related to this developing sector of the social economy … (full text).

Rafael C. Lopa is Executive Director of the Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Foundation and Executive Assistant to former President Corazon C. Aquino. He sits as a trustee in various foundations and was formerly a board member of the Philippine Center for NGO Certification (PCNC). He also heads Pulse Asia, Inc. as President and CEO. (Hapinoy Store).

He is project director at the Benigno S. Aquino Foundation in Manila. He is in charge of CODE-WAN, the Countrywide Development Wide Area Network. CODE-WAN unites geographically dispersed NGO groups and alliances through an electronic network, enabling them to inform and be informed quickly and efficiently. (METEME.de).

Search results with the 3 keywords Emerging Social Enterprises: on Google Video-search; on Google Book-search; on Google Scholar-search.

Triodos Bank claims unclaimed cash could create real opportunity: According to the Triodos, the Commission on Unclaimed Assets consultation paper – A Social Investment Bank – could be a shot in the arm for the social sector. Whitni Thomas, Investment Manager at Triodos Bank, believes releasing up to 400 million in dormant bank accounts, could create an enormous opportunity for social businesses which aim to benefit deprived communities across the country. The bank’s unclaimed assets could create a fantastic chance to bolster the social sector. But only if they’re focused on the early development of the people and enterprises with the entrepreneurial drive to regenerate deprived areas, improve poorer people’s access to finance and realise the potential of disadvantaged young people … (full text).



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