4 peacewomen: Xuan Wang, Yuzhen Yin, Guimei Zhang and Fenglan Liu – China

All these four last chinese women are a part of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005. Unfortuntely there were provided only some few lines about their work and biography. Regardless here the few we may know:

1. Xuan Wang – China

She says: “The bacteriological warfare of the Japanese army was not only a crime on the Chinese people, it was a war crime against humanity”.


In 1995, Wang Xuan joined the Japanese bacteriological warfare fact-finding mission. After a lawsuit of seven years, the Japanese court for the first time admitted the fact that Japan had used bacteriological weapons on the Chinese people during its invasion of China in Word War II. With her mission Wang Xuan upholds the dignity of victims, lives and the pride of the Chinese nation. (1000PeaceWomen).

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2. Yuzhen Yin – China

She says: “I would rather die of fatigue from fighting the sand than be bullied by the sand and wind”.


Yin Yuzhen has worked with an indomitable spirit for years, turning desert area into an oasis with more than 300,000 trees over nearly 10,000 acres. Seeking expert advice, with various other resources and by holding family symposiums, she created a scientific method for effective sand area restoration. (1000PeaceWomen).

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3. Guimei Zhang – China

She says: “The children gave me the honor of being a teacher, the consolation of being a mother, and the happiness of being a woman. My life is in my teaching”.


She works for the Minzhu Middle School (?), and for the Hua Ping Children’s Home.

Zhang Guimei is a teacher working in a destitute ethnic minority region. Regardless of the difficulties and sorrow of losing her husband and being ill herself, she has brought up and educated 54 orphans. Her students have not quit school and neither have they suffered from poverty. (1000PeaceWomen).

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4. Fenglan Liu – China

She says: “Villagers’ rights are not given, but gained through struggle. Benefits cannot be protected by relying on others, but by being active”.


Liu Fenglan, an ordinary woman from Baishihang Village, Zhaoyuan City, Shangdong Province, has spent virtually her entire life in the service of others, offering and giving help whenever she can. She shares her gains and experiences without reserve because her dream is to live in a world that is full of love, and where life is peaceful and serene. (1000PeaceWomen).

any links: There are links with this name in the internet, but not sure if concerning our peacewomen.

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