Jamyang Kyi – China/Tibet

currently imprisoned by Chinese authorities

BEIJING — The Chinese authorities have detained a prominent Tibetan television broadcaster and intellectual who is also a popular singer, suggesting that the government crackdown after the disturbances in and around Tibet has yet to run its course … There has been no official confirmation of the detention … (full text, April 18, 2008).

Two of her songs in videos: Tibetan Song Phayul Dren lu Singer Jam Yangkyi, 3 min; Tsering gyurmey and jamyang kyi song -Le tro, 4.02 min.

Her blog in Tibetan language … just now not accesssible! Her blog is apparently very popular among young Tibetans, but it has not been updated for some months now (see on free muse.org)


Jamyang Kyi – China/Tibet

The Window of Jamyang Kyi, created for her on flickr, to give your comments.

Her husband said in a telephone interview: “She is in serious trouble, I’m very worried for her safety. I’m very sorry. I can’t say more” (NY Times, April 18, 2008).

… she composes herself the songs that she interprets, with evocative titles as “Prayer”, “Karma”, “distant Lover” and “Heart Message” (made) in 1997 (that) shows her sensibility. Jamyang Kyi is also a journalist of television, and a writer. She composed essays on the fate of Tibetan women. She published articles including one on the illegal dealings in girls (Qinghai Daily, edition in Tibetan language, 11/30/05) and the statute of women in the Tibetan society … (soc.culture.asean).

Some pictures of her LIVE CONCERT on April 22nd 2006.


On April 27th, 1998, the patriot Thupten Ngodup set himself on fire in Delhi, and died for the cause of Tibetan independence … (full long text, 13 May 2008).


Videos with other Tibetan singers and musicians (modern youngsters and traditional):


Find Jamyang Kyi on Google Blog-search.

News in April 2008: A source in Siling (in Chinese, Xining) said: “She never returned, people were speculating that she was detained in a guesthouse for interrogation” … (full text, April 16, 2008).

… Kyi has performed alongside exiles in overseas concerts, but not explicitly supported groups calling for autonomy for Tibetans. Matt Whitticase, a spokesman for the Free Tibet campaign, said: “People with no apparent connections at all to any activism appear to be being detained” … (full text, April 16, 2008).


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