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VIENNA, 1 October 2007 – Tim Guldimann from Switzerland took office today as Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo … (full text) … {albanian version /serbian version}.

He is Visiting professor, European General Studies Department, former Swiss Ambassador to Teheran, Professor of international relations (particularly on Islamic world) at the University of Frankfurt, Co-author of the Report on the nuclear impasse in Iran, published by the International Crisis Group. (College of Europe).

Tim Guldimann (* 19. September 1950 in Zürich, Schweiz) ist ein Schweizer Diplomat und Politikwissenschaftler … Seit dem 1. Oktober 2007 ist Guldimann Leiter der OSZE-Mission im Kosovo. Eigentlich sollte Guldimann 2007 den Posten des Botschafters in Israel übernehmen, was jedoch nach internen Auseinandersetzungen im Außenministerium der Schweiz (EDA) in letzter Minute verhindert wurde … (full text).

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Tim Guldimann – Switzerland: The Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo Tim Guldimann After the Elections: what Prospects for Kosovo gestures while giving a briefing entitled in a hotel in Brussels, Monday Nov. 26, 2007.

He says: “Kosovo is not an island and its future status can be decided only in partnership with the international community” … (full text).

He says also: “Ahmadinejad is not number one in the country, his position is comparable to the prime minister in other countries. The religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the supreme leader and he has already been critical of his president’s comments on Israel”. (Iran News Blog).

Iranian peace overtures in 2003 and mysterious non-reaction, 05/29/2006.

He writes: Nowadays information and communication runs ever more over modern media. They have a great influence our picture of the world, which we carry in us. Therefore they also play a role in peace processes. Among the different forms of media pictures hold a special role. Most humans feel directly addressed by them, and they convey a wealth of information. However, pictures can enforce our prejudices. For example people from the western countries often react strongly to pictures of women with head scarves, since we associate this directly to suppression of women, independently of whether these women wear the head scarves on their own will or not. The view on the orient conveyed to the west is strongly influenced by our values and dominant prejudices … (full text).

Who Is Tim Guildimann, by ELI LAKE, February 9, 2007, updated 2/11/07.

And he says: ” … Iran wants to be respected as a regional power and would like to be addressed as a fireman in the Near East. They could play not only a negative role, but also a positive one (as they did before in a moderating influence on Hezbollah after the Israeli withdrawal of 2000) … (full interview text, July 28, 2006).

… The television report quoted Swiss ambassador Tim Guldimann, whose country represents US interests in Iran, saying that the American troops had mistaken the tanker for an Iraqi vessel smuggling oil … (full text).

No Legal Basis for EU Mission, Swiss Expert: Absolutely No Legal Basis for the EU Mission in Serbian Province Director of the Swiss Institute of Federalism Thomas Fleiner says that the valid UN resolution on Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija gives no legal basis to EU’s mission plans. (balkanblog.org, Febr. 08, 2008).

More on the Provenance of the Spring 2003 Iran Proposal for Comprehensive Negotiations with the U.S.

Tim Guldimann was a participant or observer in the following events: … (cooperative research.org, May 04, 2003).

If the Iranian proposal was taken seriously, it might have turned the situation totally in Iraq and in Iran for that matter to the benefit of the moderates, who were in power at that time. Don’t forget that Iran helped US in Afghanistan, supported the elected Afghan government, did support the Iraqi Kurds for decades against Saddam, supported the Iraqi government and the Iraqi constitution. This is yet another proof, that Bush and his neo-con fellows don’t care about peace and democracy in the middle east. Dominating oil resources and dollar hegemony are their real agenda (alt.drugs.pot.cultivation.no-spooks).

Sejdiu-Guldimann diskutojnë format e reja të bashkëpunimit: on telegrafi; and on on ngjarjet.com.

… Although he never commented on the grand bargain, Swiss Ambassador Tim Guldimann, who represents U.S. interests in Iran and conveyed the proposal to Washington, was rebuked by the Department of State for overstepping his mandate. (soc.culture.iranian, May 2004).

The Guldimann Memorandum.

In meeting with the Swiss Ambassador to Tehran Tim Guldimann, Rafsanjani pointed to US hostile policies towards Iran and said, “Despite extensive efforts made by the US to isolate Iran from political and international arenas and the economic sanctions against our country, they (the Americans) have failed so far in practice and the US companies have incurred loss as the result of the embargoes more than the Iranian side” … (soc.culture.iranian, Feb. 22, 2001).

Find him and his publications on ; auf seiner Webseite; on Google Book-search; on Google Scholar-search.

… We recognise that flexibility will be needed on all sides to meet the challenges ahead, in particular with regard to the full implementation of internationally recognised human rights standards and fundamental freedoms. The EU stands ready to play a role in strengthening stability in the region and to assist Kosovo on the path towards long-term stability, in order to achieve prosperous living conditions for all people living in Kosovo. We call on all sides to work constructively to this end … (full text, 31.01.2008).

FOCUS Kosovo, 20 pages.

Texte auf deutsch/in geman:

Calmy-Rey will Guldimann nicht in Israel, Nov. 02, 2007.

Er sagt – auf deutsch: “… Ich nehme an, die Hisbollah geht davon aus, dass sie aus einem solchen Waffengang (Libanon) gestärkt hervorgeht, und dass sie dann als politischer Faktor die weitere Entwicklung mitbestimmt … (ganzer Interview Text, 02.08.06).


Diplomatie: … Von 1999 bis 2004 war er Schweizer Botschafter im Iran. Die Schweiz vertritt im Iran die Interessen der USA, die nach der Geiselnahme von Teheran (von 1979 bis 81) den direkten diplomatischen Kontakt zum Land abgebrochen hatten. Hier fungierte er als aktiver Vermittler zwischen Iran und USA und den unterschiedlichen Kulturen, konnte sich jedoch mit seinen Plänen zur Aufnahme von direkten Verhandlungen zwischen USA und Iran nicht gegen die Bush-Regierung durchsetzen – siehe Schweizer Memorandum … (full text).


Chief Of UN Peacekeeping Mission And European Officials Talk About Kosovo.

The blog: Middle East Politics;

Internat. Crisis Group;

White House ‘Reprimanded Swiss Ambassador’ For Delivering 2003 Iranian Offer For Negotiations;

Supporting the Doves against the Hawks, Experiences of the OSCE Assistance Group to Chechnya, 9 pages, not dated;

Permanent Mission of Serbia in Vienna publishes: … ;

The fragile Euro-US ‘alliance’ on Iran;

UN Mission in Kosovo UNMIK;

the book: Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States, January 17, 2008.

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