Sayed Naqi – Afghanistan

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She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

Bibi Naqi was born in 1928 in Kabul, Afghanistan and has a BA in Literature. Having worked as a teacher, headmistress and principal in many schools in Kabul since the 1950s, she has a long experience in education. Now she is retired. As a tribute to her efforts, Bibi Naqi was promoted by His Majesty crown prince Ahmad Shah, the elder son of former King Mohammad Zahir, to head of education in Kabul. Thanks to her, many orphan girls and boys were able to attend schools with her encouragement and subsistence. She has received several medals and certificates of honor … (1000peacewomen 1/2).

She says: “Despite the challenges I have faced throughout my life and in my education career, I remained steadfast so that young girls would look at me and overcome their unfortunate conditions”.


Sayed Naqi – Afghanistan.

Sayed Bibi Naqi, was the only girl among the Sadat families who attended school. But due to economic hardship, she could not attend school after year nine. But she managed to pursuer higher education while working part-time. She went to school during a period when girls’ education and going to school was a sinful act.

Despite all these challenges, in 1950 she studied hard and obtained a BA in Literature. After her graduation she was appointed as a teacher, and later she served as vice-principle of Zarghona girl’s high school and in many other schools. Bibi Naqi was promoted as principle of Zarghona girl’s school, but due to the dominant discrimination against women’s work at that time she was fired from her post.

In 1960’s she was appointed as vice-dean of Faculty of Education. She had also served as Director of Education for the Red Crescent Society of Afghanistan. In 1960’s she was transferred to the ministry of education where she has suffered more from ethnic discrimination and was eventually forced to early retirement.

As her financial status was so constrained, she had to work as a typist in the Radio Afghanistan and Afghanistan Bank for 18 years. Despite facing discrimination, she was applauded for her significant efforts and has received some awards, medals and certificates of honor. Bibi Naqi has always been impassioned to seek knowledge and pursue education.

She traveled to France and Australia to improve her French and English languages and advance her work skill. Her works stand as a pioneering exemplum to Afghan girls who are deterred from education whether by traditional customs or by financial constraints. (1000peacewomen 2/2).

Sorry, there are different persons named Sayed Naqi in the internet, but it seems that no one tells about our peacewomen.


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