Rikke Frank Jørgensen – Denmark

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Rikke Frank Joergensen is a senior advisor at the Danish Institute for Human Rights in Copenhagen. She is a civil society representative in the Danish government delegation to the World Summit on the Information Society.

Rikke Frank Jørgensen

She is a co-founder of Digital Rights Denmark and of the European Digital Rights Initiative (EDRi) and is coordinating the human rights caucus of international civil society for the summit. Rikke holds a Master in Information Science and a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization, specializing in Internet and freedom of expression.

She has previously been employed as a special adviser in the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation from 1995 to 2000, dealing with the social impacts of information technology. She has since June 2004 been vice-president of European Digital Rights (EDRi). She lives in Copenhagen.

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