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Matt Stoller writes at the progressive strategy site and is the President of the political action committee BlogPAC. He consults for the Sunlight Foundation on open government, for Actblue, and for Working Assets, a progressive phone company (scroll down to the bottom).

His video on RealNewsNetwork: Can the netroots change politics? Matt Stoller of MyDD and openleft says the netroots don’t yet have the strength to leverage real power, 6.03 min, July 19, 2008. (Netroots is a recent term coined to describe political activism organized through blogs and other online media, including wikis and social network services. The word is a portmanteau of Internet and grassroots, reflecting the technological innovations that set netroots techniques apart from other forms of political participation. In the United States, the term is used mainly in left-leaning circles … from the english wikipedia).

And a written text on the same item: Netroots Nation.

And his video: Matt Stoller: Take Back America, 3.24 min, added: June 19, 2007.


Matt Stoller – USA

His blog:

… The discussion of the panel (which also includes Dean Nielsen, David Goldstein, Blair Butterworth and Matt Stoller) is largely focused on the influence of the Netroots among political campaigns, specifically for the U.S. House … (full text, July 19, 2008).

On Friday, I was on the phone with Darcy Burner, who told me that she got a call from people affiliated with the conservative Jewish political group AIPAC. They told her to distance herself from the new pro-peace group J Street, which they said is full of radical leftists who believe in capitulation to the forces of the Arab world who would overrun and destroy Israel. Like most conservative arguments, it is utter nonsense backed up by a political threat designed to suppress alternative legitimate political views … (full text, June 30, 2008).

He writes: For Personal Democracy Forum’s Rebooting America, I wrote about something called an Obviousmeter: … I used the example of members being unable to post Youtube videos on their official web sites as a clear example of how Congress is unprepared for the future. As it so happens, the controversy over member restrictions on web use is now heating up … (full text, July 11, 2008). (The Obviousmeter compares cultural trends and existing power centers and asks, “Can a sixteen year old do something our government can’t?” If the answer in any particular area is yes, then that’s a place to find out where the future is going to smack us in the ass).

As Open Left blogger Matt Stoller recently predicted, 21st century politics could look a lot like the 19th century, “with a politicized business community, much stronger local political machines and engagement levels at 80 percent or 90 percent … (full text, June 30, 2008).

… Stoller is saying here that it’s OK for a lefty grudgingly to admire Reagan for his tactical skills as an agenda-setter and leader. But it’s not OK, Stoller continues, for a “progressive” actually to approve of Reagan or what he believed … (full text, July 16, 2008).

… Yesterday afternoon we attended the OpenLeft Caucus at Netroots Nation, where Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers led an interesting discussion with OpenLeft readers about Dem messaging on energy. Stoller declared the Dems are currently losing the debate on energy, since the GOP is aggressively promoting offshore drilling and “they’re converting liberals.” Stoller also said that a majority of Americans believe that offshore drilling won’t lower gas prices anytime soon, but that they support it anyway because “they want people to do something…they’re voting for leadership.” The bloggers and activists in the room proceeded to discuss how to frame the energy issue in a way that is favorable to Dems … (full text, July 18, 2008).

“That was a significant moment when Obama realized he had gone too far – or at least [he] pulled back,” says Matt Stoller, a liberal blogger and political consultant. “If he continued to betray the core values of some of his most ardent supporters, I think it would eventually become a problem” … (full text, July 03, 2008).

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Popular liberal blogs criticized the senator after he announced his support of the bill Friday. “There’s an element of distrust now,” Matt Stoller, a liberal activist and co-founder of the blog, said Monday at an Internet politics conference in New York. Mr. Stoller said that Sen. Obama’s position on the spy bill may not alienate the majority of his supporters, but the issue gives activists “a strong reason not to trust him or give him the benefit of the doubt” … (full text, June 24, 2008).
(My comment: many of us so called liberals and leftists have an eternal crux: we want deal only with a world as we imagine it has to be. We live in our dream of a kind leftist future and not accept that most of our fellows on this planet DO NOT share this dream. Yes, we must learn to take this world AS IT IS, not as we dream it. Hey guys, what chance an only leftist US candidate would have in this next US election? Come on, come down. Down to practical real life, Heidi).


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Barack Obama, the Netroots, and the “Vital Center” of American Politics, June 30, 2008.

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