Nigar Ataulla – India, Bangalore

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Nigar Ataulla is the Associate Editor of the Bangalore-based magazine Islamic Voice.

She writes: … Muslim representation in the Indian media is dismal, while Muslims’ share in media ownership is even more pathetic. Muslims do not have any considerable hold over the media. In northern India, several Urdu newspapers owned by Muslims have gradually closed down or rapidly lost circulation. In contrast, Urdu dailies from centres like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Kolkata and even Bangalore are doing well and look professional. Muslims are yet to have any major presence in TV channel ownership, though the two or three that exist today devote a large share of time to religious issues, rather than on other social-economic issues facing the community … (full text).

Struggle Against the Odds: The Story of a Muslim Youth, January 13, 2008.


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Calligraphy: art works from the heart, 25 June 2007.

She writes also: The Quran and Sunnah are the two primary sources of the religion of Islam. Sunnah narrations are known as Hadith. Hadith stands for what is transmitted by a chain of narrators as Prophet Muhammad’s (Pbuh) words, deeds, what bore his tacit approval, or the description of his person … (her review of the book Fake Pearls).

Non-Muslim Voices Speak for Muslims, April 2003.

And she writes: It was a perfect picture of peace and harmony, as eminent intellectuals, social workers and human rights activists-all non-Muslims stood up in one voice in favour of the Muslims and the riot-hit victims in Gujarat. VOICES, an NGO in collaboration with ActionAid India, organised a seminar on “Gujarat, Governance and the Media” recently. Ashish Sen, Director, VOICES, put across a very pertinent question-how many publications really carry items that are of relevance to the common man-like death of the tribals, oppression on minorities? … (full text).

She reviews books in children’s corner, October 2001.

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