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Sumaiya Khair is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and an Instructor at the Department of Clinical Legal Education Programme. She has a Ph.D. from U.K. and has obtained her LL.B.(Hons.) and LL.M. degrees from the University of Dhaka. She holds executive positions in a couple of University-based research bodies and is also actively associated with other research and advocacy initiatives outside of the University. Her areas of interest and specialisation include human rights, child rights, gender issues and governance. She has written extensively on law, justice and human rights and has to her credit a number of articles and publications in both national and international journals and books. She has also served as a consultant for international and domestic agencies on legal and policy issues. (zoomInfo, Nov. 18, 2007).

Dr. Sumaiya Khair, Department of Law, University of Dhaka, member of the Advisory Council, British Standard School.

She is Researcher on Development Research Center DRC for Migration, Globalisation and Poverty.


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Her book: Child domestic workers in Dhaka city, 2004.

download: Philanthropy and Law in South Asia, Recent Developments in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, prepared by the PALISA group, September 2007, 60 pdf-pages. Same on SSRN, December 2007.

She is Syndicate and Academic Council of the Atish Dipankar University, Dhaka.

She cooperates with, and its research projects.

Bibliography: Sumaiya Khair, ‘Taking Children’s Rights Seriously: Areas of Concern’ in Towards Gender Equity, Poverty, Rights and Participation, Report of the Regional Workshop, 15-18 February, Dhaka, 1998; UNICEF, Children of Bangladesh and Their Rights, Dhaka, 1997 (scroll down).

Find her and her publications on pipl; on ; on Google Book-search; on Google Scholar-search.

Chapter 7 in the Google-download book: Reconsidered the employment of the girl child in the Bangladesh garment industry, page 119.

… In addition, she also offers consultancy to various committees commissioned by ILO, and various projects sponsored by UNICEF, The Asia Foundation, CIDA, etc. Dr. Khair has participated in a dialogue on ‘South Asia and the US after the Cold War’, 1994, at Dhaka. (full text).


HPR online, the online site of the harvard political review;

Philanthropy and Law in South Asia: Key Themes and Key Choices, Feb. 2, 2005, also on Univ. of Iowa;

the APPC post;

an ILO workshop (not dated!).

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