Roselle Bailey – USA /Hawai

Linked with Ka ‘Imi Na ‘auao O Hawai’i Nei.

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

Roselle Bailey’s life work is to teach and preserve Hawai’ian culture. She served as caretaker of one of the most significant sites to hula practitioners and helped to launch the Ka Ipu Kukui leadership training program at Maui Community College. Roselle also founded the halau Ka ‘Imi Na ‘auao o Hawai’i Nei, whose goal is both to maintain traditional Hawai’ian culture and traditions and to heal ethnic and cultural divisions among Hawai’ians and between people of all cultures. (1000peacewomen).

She says: “Not until we lived in Iraq did I begin to take hula and my heritage seriously. It was then that I began to have dreams of home and the Hawai’ian language. It redirected my life–or did it”.


Roselle Bailey – USA

She works for Ka ‘Imi Na ‘auao O Hawai’i Nei.

A Kaua`i Living Treasure.

… After growing up in Hawaii blessed with a strong Hula influence in her everyday life, for several years Roselle, her husband Jim and their two daughters, Sharon and Pohakalani, lived in the Middle East and then traveled through Europe, where she continued to teach and perform Hula … (full text).

In “The Hula Lesson” we join Hawaiian Hula teacher Roselle Bailey and her halau of multicultural women to find out what hula is, what it means to Hawaii, and why so many non-Hawaiians love it.

… Roselle Bailey, who was raised in Lahaina, is concerned that “developments are being proposed on ag land, when those lands are needed for sustainable agriculture” … (full text).

… Roselle Bailey testified in support of Ka‘anapali 2020 being placed within UGB. “No Ka‘anapali 2020 is a slap in the face for not being placed on the map. Listen to the people, not just what you think,” she said … (full text).

On 21 JULY, 2007, Kaua`i Museum honored its 2007 Kaua`i Living Treasures, among them was Roselle Bailey. Every two or three years, the Museum bestows this title on a small group of people whose service to the community and its culture has been outstanding. Past honorees have included archaeologist Pila Kikuchi, scholar Frances Frazier, musician Jose Bulatao, weaver Esther Makuaole and leimaker Irmalee Pomroy. Roselle came to Kaua`i on 19 May for a photo shoot at the Museum. Ever exuberant Tim Delavega took the pictures, while we took pictures of him taking pictures … (full text).

A Living Treasure, Kumu Hula Roselle Bailey uses hula to teach important lessons, October 11, 2007.

Roselle ist eine Kumu Hula (Lehrerin), eine der alten, grossen Hula-MeisterInnen. Dies bedeutet, sich in allen Facetten der Kultur Hawai’is auszukennen, diese erfahren zu haben und im Alltag zu leben. Roselle bietet uns mit ihrem authentischen Unterricht Einblick in die Vielfalt und Tiefe dieser Kultur. Sie ist der alten Tradition Hawai’is verbunden und liebt es, interessierten Menschen den Schatz ihres grossen Wissens zu unterrichten. (Hula).

Find her and her publications on NY times Filmography; on Google Book-search.


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