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She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

“To have a peaceful population,” says Cora Weiss, “we must teach peace.” This belief is the cornerstone of Cora’s life’s work. As president of the Hague Appeal for Peace, she is leading a campaign dedicated to the abolition of war. She brings her skills as a convener and an educator into diverse venues–from the classroom to the boardroom. She began her work in the early 1960s, when she cofounded Women Strike for Peace, which helped to bring about the end of nuclear testing in the atmosphere. In 1969, she led in organizing the largest protest against the Vietnam war. She says: “You cannot have peace without human rights, democracy, gender equality, and clean water. Look to the root causes of war and you will find, in their reverse, the root foundations of peace”. (1000peacewomen).

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Cora Weiss – USA

Her video: Sari Sansar At The UN 1, 10.01 min, March 8, 2006.

During the Vietnam War, Weiss attempted to coerce the families of American POWs to make pro-communist propaganda by promising them contact with their loved ones in Hanoi. Directed the Disarmament Program at New York’s Riverside Church in New York City … (full text).


Cora Weiss, from the Review.

She is also a BetterWorld Heroe and says: “To have a peaceful population, we must teach peace” … and: “To raise new generations of people with the skills, values and knowledge to create and maintain peace, we need peace education” … and: “I firmly believe that it will be women, acting together, acting strategically, teaching, and organising who will be responsible for enacting the “culture of peace” that will be necessary for the survival of humanity”. (BetterWorldHeroe).

Question on When did Cora Weiss give evidence at the Chicago 7 trial?

… In 1963 the Samuel Rubin Foundation created the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), which lays claim to the title of “the nation’s oldest multi-issue progressive think tank.” Samuel Rubin’s daughter, Cora Weiss, was a director of the Rubin Foundation from its inception, and was instrumental in the funding decision to create IPS. Today she is the Foundation’s President. Her husband, Peter Weiss, was the first IPS board chairman and is currently the Rubin Foundation’s Treasurer … (full text).

Her Presentation at the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs on “The United Nations and Security” (11 October 2006).

… Cora Weiss says this is not enough: ‘There’s a song, “Give Peace a Chance” – how about “give women a chance”? And I don’t mean one woman: one woman does not women make. We need a critical mass of women. ‘Since the end of the Cold War there have been only two tables where women have sat at the negotiations – Ireland and Guatemala. Women have traditionally set the table, women now have to sit at the table. Until they do, in adequate numbers, we’ll never know what they can do.’ (full text).

Presentation of Cora Weiss, President, Hague Appeal for Peace to the 55th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, 11 September 2002, 4 pages.

And she says: … I suggest, that SC Res 1325 be harmonized with national, state and local legislation as well. It is not meant just for the Security Council. It has basic principles that require the participation, and we have interpreted that to mean the full and equal participation, of women in all decision making. I firmly believe, that with caring women we have a better chance of ridding the world of nuclear weapons. And, “If we could eliminate apartheid”, said Bishop Tutu, “why not war?” … (full text).

Find her and her publications on Hague Appeal for Peace/Speeches; on ZoomInfo; on Google Video-search; on Google Book-search.

… She is President of the International Peace Bureau, (Nobel Laureate 1910). Ms. Weiss participated in the Nobel Centennial Symposium held in Oslo, Norway in December 2001. She is also Joint-Principal of the Peace Boat’s Global University, an Advisory Board Member of Peace Child International’s Millennium Action Fund, and Honorary Patron of the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations. As President of the Hague Appeal for Peace, she is leading a campaign dedicated to the abolition of war. It seeks to re-focus our minds on the vision of a world in which violent conflict is publicly acknowledged as illegitimate, illegal, and fundamentally unjust. To implement that vision, the Hague Appeal for Peace has launched a Global Peace Education Campaign. (full text).

Red Queen of “Peace”, dec. 11, 2002.

And she says: “War and the preparation for war rob resources from human security. As long as we honour war and warriors we maintain fear and hate, always based on ignorance; and fear is the enemy of learning, it gives ignorance its power. As long as we misplace money for weapons – we keep water polluted, we keep far too many women illiterate and unskilled, we prevent health care and education from being universally enjoyed – we promote poverty. These are among the root causes of violent conflict”. (BetterWorldHeroe).

… The Conference closed with an encouraging message from Gisela Kallenbach MEP and a call to action from Cora Weiss. (full text).

Finally she says: ” You don’t have to be an anarchist to want Emma Goldman resources readily available. Women need role models on how to be effective advocates, and how to make a perfect blintz. The Emma Goldman Papers provide materials we never see in school or at the cinema. We’re proud to have been a small source of support”. (Emma Goldman Papers).

Her statement: Thank you WILPF for convening this meeting and taking me away from New York. I want to especially welcome the men who have come to this meeting and remind us that the word gender should never be used to just mean women. We have to welcome men and we have to welcome the woman in every man to all of our meetings. We are never going to have peace unless we do it together …
… “There have never been quite so many activities both for the good, and for the bad. I’ve just come from New York where the CSW has been meeting. It’s the 52nd session. I don’t usually go because it’s so boring, but the non-governmental activity that takes place with a great deal of dynamism is really the thing to do. I will tell you that I only saw the first draft of the final Commission statement. It’s on Financing for Gender Equality. Not one word in that official draft was about paying for tickets for women to get to the negotiation table, not one word was about paying for women to participate in meetings to prevent violence  Not one word on financing the prevention of violence, the protection  of women from violence or including women in decision making. That’s pretty poor and should not be allowed to go forward. So leave it to some terrific women to fix it. There is a group of women called women in peace building and conflict resolution from dozens of organisations that signed onto a demand which has been presented to the delegates, which calls for an increase in resources available internationally and nationally for the prevention of conflict and women’s participation and support for a strong gender entity in the UN system to enhance our advocacy for the full implementation of SC Res.1325, and support for a dedicated and transparent Security Council mechanism to more effectively monitor women’s equal participation in peace building. They add that development and financing for gender equality and women’s empowerment will only be successful if carried out under an environment where all stakeholders are working together for social justice, sustainable peace and respect for human rights” … (full text statement).


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Another book: Far Left of Center, 1990, 210 pages.

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