Monowara Begum Monu – Bangladesh

She is one of the 1000 women proposed fort the Nobel Peace Price 2005

She says: If there is to be a positive change in society, someone has to sacrifice.” She works with the Mohila Muktijodha Samiti. Monowara Begum (born 1953), is one of the 1971 Bangladesh’ war of liberation’s best-known freedom-fighters. Today she battles on various beachheads and is active in advocacy work as well. The mutilated postwar economy saw Monowara get down to building the Bangladesh of a collective dream.


Sorry, I could not get any photo of Monowara Begum Monu – Bangladesh.

She has worked for more than three decades, both within the government system and through the Mohila Muktijodha Samiti (women freedom-fighters’ cooperative), to make the government system accountable to the greater good (

In Holyday you can read: Women activists slate softening of the Women Repression Act, by Staff Correspondent: Leaders of the women community on July 14 expressed strong resentment over certain amendments to the Women Repression (Amendment) Act, 2000, which were adopted by Parliament the day before.

The resentments surfaced at a meeting of the leaders of Dhaka-based women activists, which was held at the office of the Anannya, a Bangla fortnightly edited by Tasmima Hossain. Deputy Secretary Salma Binte Kadir of the Law Ministry clarified some legal queries made by the women?s leaders.

Tasmima Hossain expressed her resentment over the deleting of the provision against eve teasing, while Ayesha Khanam objected to the idea of giving fatherhood to the rapists in cases of the children born out of rape.

Advocate Elina Khan expressed dissatisfaction over the ?reduction? of punishments to the perpetrators of dowry crimes.

The discussants observed that the government should have ‘more consultations’ with the women’s groups before amending the law in question.

Others who were present at the meeting included Hamida Hossain, Ivy Rahman, Maleka Begum, Bela Nabi, Farida Akhtar, Salma Ali, Sultana Akhtar Ruby, Masuda Rehana Begum, Dil Monowara Monu, Dr Shahdin Malik and Barrister Tania Amir.


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