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She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

Rosalie Bertell has worked for more than 50 years to expose the effects of radiation on the citizens of the world. A member of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, this “antinuclear nun” is an internationally recognized expert in the field of radiation. A doctorate in biometry gave her the academic background and her faith gave her the spiritual strength for her life’s work–to fight against the earth’s environmental contamination. She is founder and president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health and editor-in-chief of International Perspectives in Public Health. She says: “We have to be part of something larger than ourselves, because our dreams are often bigger than our lifetimes. Religion has a profound effect on our staying power”. (1000peacewomen).

… The International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH), of which she is Founder and Immediate Past President, opened its doors in 1984 in Toronto Canada and continues to serve as an institutional support for her work. She is also a founding member of the International Commission of Health Professionals, and the International Association of Humanitarian Medicine … (full text).

Dr Rosalie Bertell – MAKE IT VISIBLE- chemtrails, oct. 1, 2008.


Rosalie Bertell – USA

Watch her video: DEPLETED URANIUM IN THE HUMAN BODY, by Sr Rosalie Bertell, PhD, 10.16 min, July 19, 2007.

More videos about Depleted Uranium, by Google video-search.

… Obviously in such an unbalanced and unfair globalization, there will be a build up of tensions as people become desperate for food, drugs and jobs. The global response to this frustration is the global arms trade, promoting war and violence as the way to obtain the basic necessities of life. This is a clear recipe for global suffering, wars and violence, with children, the elderly and the weak the losers! … (full text).

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She tells: … In Japan, during the occupation after World War II, two grandmothers strongly objected to U.S. military presence and military exercises on the sacred mountain Fuji. The two women had a small camp at the foot of the mountain, and during military exercises they would pop up in front of the guns and cry: Shame on you. You should go home to your Mother. This so unnerved the young men that they could not fight. The police finally came, twelve men with shields and battle armor, to arrest the two old women. Even after the women left, the troops were spooked and could no longer desecrate the sacred mountain with their war games. Life is stronger than death … (full text).

She writes: … sure, for all our blindness;
secure, for all our helplessness;
strong, for all our weakness;
gaily in love, for all the pressures on our hearts … (full text).

She works for the International Institute of Concern for Public Health IICPH, for the International Perspectives in Public Health, and for the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

… Among many projects she has headed, the most notable are: Director of the International Medical Commission Bhopal which investigated the aftermath of the Bhopal disaster in India, and organizer of the International Medical Commission Chernobyl to present testimony to the Permanent People’s Tribunal. She assisted the people of the Philippines with problems stemming from toxic waste left by the U.S. Military on their abandoned Subic and Clark military bases. She has worked with the government of Ireland to hold Britain responsible for the radioactive pollution of the Irish Sea, and is assisting the Gulf War Veterans and the Iraqi citizens dealing with the illness called Gulf War Syndrome. She acted as Consultant to local, Provincial and Federal Governments, unions and citizen organizations … (full text).

… Sister Rosalie Bertell was a frail child from birth and knew early on that she would become a nun. Her parents encouraged her studies and she shone in mathematics and music. Her mother, a Canadian, inspired her activism, while her American father, President of Standard Mirror Co. and inventor of the night mirror in cars, encouraged her scientific abilities. “My father never finished high school, but taught himself optics. He delighted in my success in math and everything I did.” When asked how they influenced her career path, she replied, “My mother never celebrated the end of WW2. She kept saying over and over: ‘they shouldn’t have done it.’ I don’t know how she understood about the bomb, since no one knew at that time. It was her Irish sixth sense! My father opposed war and would not invest in uranium, as so many did after the war” … (full text).

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, a Grey Nun for half a century, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of radiation.

She writes also: Introduction: I first heard about the military using depleted uranium for bullets from the Native Americans for a Clean Environment (NACE) in Gore, Oklahoma. Kerr Magee was operating a factory there, and in a liquid waste spill a young man, about twenty-one years old, was sprayed with the mixture and died. Many members of the public were also exposed, and were taken to the University in Oklahoma City for medical examination and feces analysis. It seems that the liquid waste contained primarily uranium and other heavy metals. Local people had found this factory to be very polluting. When I visited the town to see what was happening and to decide whether or not I could help, they showed me rust marks scattered over the surface of their automobiles where the toxic corrosive spray released from the factory routinely had impacted on the paint. People complained of burning throats and eyes, some with even more serious complaints, but little systematic information which would show that the factory was the source of their problem … (full text).

More Bio:

  • She has received numerous awards and five honorary Doctorate degrees since launching the IICPH in 1984.
  • Dr. Bertell is a member of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.
  • Dr. Bertell earned a Doctorate in Biometry at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, in 1966, and has been working ever since time in environmental epidemiology. She has collaborated in analyses undertaken in the US, Canada, Japan, the Marshall Islands, Malaysia, India, Germany, Ukraine and other countries.
  • Author of Handbook for Estimating the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation (1984, 1986) and the popular non-fiction book: No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a radioactive Earth, see on Google book-search, together with more than a hundred articles, book chapters and poems, Dr. Bertell has reached medical, scientific, and popular audiences around the globe.
  • No Immediate Danger, has been translated into Swedish, French, German and Finnish. A Russian translation is in process (this article is not dated).
  • By choice, Dr. Bertell works with indigenous people and economically developing countries as they struggle to preserve their human rights to health and life in the face of industrial, technological and military pollution;
  • She authored Planet Earth – the Latest Weapon of War, by Rosalie Bertell.
  • … (full text).

… Physical dependence is defined as a state of adaptation to an abuse accompanied by development of a tolerance and manifested by a withdrawal or abstinence syndrome. Tolerance is defined as «the need to increase the abuse progressively in order to produce the effect originally achieved by smaller doses» – think of the «block-buster» of World War II, which literally destroyed a city block. The military calls the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs «city busters» and the megaton hydrogen bomb set off in 1954 in the Marshall Islands a «Suburb Buster». Note that even the mention of non-violent response to an attack is met with both disbelief and aggression by the population at large. A withdrawal syndrome is «untoward physiological changes that occur when the abuse is discontinued or when its effect is counteracted by a specific antagonist». The changes include fear, irrational behavior, disorientation and rash, even suicidal actions. Addictive abuses can be recognized by the dysfunctional and self-destructive behavior which they generate. An example is the Patriot Act in the U.S., which undermines the very democratic protections of the public it claims to protect. An abuse also claims the lion’s share of wealth and natural resources, depriving others of needed health care, food and shelter … (full text).


Canada’s Villain fashionable Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons worldwide;

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