Gayle Williams – South Africa and UK (1974 – 2008)

Linked with Serve Afghanistan, and with UK charity worker killed in Kabul.

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… “She was working with disabled children: blind children, deaf children and children hurt and maimed by the fighting” … (full text).

THE mother of a London aid worker murdered by the Taliban in Afghanistan made a moving tribute today to her “humble, loving” daughter: … She said: “Gayle was serving a people that she loved, and felt God called her to be there for such a time as this. We know her life was blessed and she was a blessing to those around her. “No one could have asked for a more humble daughter with a more loving heart. She died doing what she felt the Lord had called her [to] and she is definitely with him” … (full text, Oct. 21, 2008).

Watch the Video: Praise for aid worker killed in Afghanistan, 1.33 min, Oct. 20, 2008.


Gayle Williams – South Africa and UK (1974 – 2008)

She worked for Serve Afghanistan.

… These brave and selfless people are not serving governments or nation states or “the West”. They are serving Christ. Let’s be clear what that means. Miss Williams’ proud and grief-engulfed parents said that their daughter died “doing what the Lord had called her to do.” Mr and Mrs Williams can say whatever they like at this time, or nothing at all. But let us not allow that phrase to let a breath of justification into the Williams family’s loss. The work of Miss Williams and her friends is indeed profoundly vocational, though far from all of them will be consciously motivated by religious faith. For the Christians among them, the Lord can indeed be said to call them to perform it. But the Lord did not call Miss Williams to be gunned down … (full text).

Not in my name: The Taliban have perpetrated another barbaric act in the name of Islam – and all Muslims have a duty to condemn them … by Ziauddin Sardar, October 21 2008.

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… Serve Afghanistan chairman, Mike Lyth, denied claims by the Taliban that she had been proselytising. “This was an opportunistic killing with Christianity used as an excuse. The Taliban work quite closely with criminal elements in the city and tell them if you see an aid worker, kill them” … (full text).

Her photo also at Reuters (in a better quality).

… Equally, the Taliban have regularly targeted aid workers, alleging that they are “spies” when they are not “missionaries”, because they know that the legitimacy of the Afghan government and of the international presence in Afghanistan depends on reconstruction and development. No aid workers mean less aid which means less development which in turn makes local people more prone to support the Taliban – the choice being between security now with no development, or no security with the dim prospect of some development at a much later date. Finally, killing aid workers drives the international community back even further behind the blast walls and the barbed wire and the already minimal contact between the foreigners and those they are meant to be helping is diminished even further. Alienation, resentment, mutual misunderstanding and therefore further support for the Taliban are the result. (full text).

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Added 24.11.2008: A statement on the Serve Afghanistan website said: “Gayle will be remembered as one of the inspiring people of the world who truly put others before herself. She was killed violently while caring for the most forgotten people in the world; the poor and the disabled. “She herself would not regret taking the risk of working in Afghanistan. She was where she wanted to be – holding out a helping hand to those in need” … (on lasting … Your memories: Add your memories or message: (Sign in to your account – To add something to Lasting Tribute you need to be a registered user. Either sign in below or complete the simple registration form and proceed).

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