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Richard Hayes Phillips has been the leading investigator of the fraudulent 2004 presidential election in Ohio. His work was relied upon by John Conyers in challenging the Ohio electors in Congress, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his article for Rolling Stone magazine, and by Algenon L. Marbley in issuing his federal court order protecting the ballots from destruction. Assisted by teams of volunteers equipped with digital cameras, Phillips amassed some 30,000 images of forensic evidence. Then he analyzed it all himself, examining 126,000 ballots, 127 poll books, and 141 voter signature books from 18 counties in Ohio … (full text).

“Richard Hayes Phillips worked day and night for three years compiling irrefutable evidence of how the Republicans stole the 2004 presidential race in Ohio.  This landmark investigation is a testament to what private citizens can accomplish when government officials fail to protect our right to vote and to count those votes as cast.  Every American – Republican and Democrat – should read this book, and join the fight for democracy’s most fundamental right” … (full text).

His article: Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted – enough to have put John Kerry in the White House. (ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. June 01, 2006).


Richard Hayes Phillips – USA


Whatever the outcome of the US elections, a question mark will hang over the irregularities that have taken place in the run-up to the polls and the actual voting process itself; particularly the electronic voting devices being used, about which there have already been several complaints. An increasing number of Americans are calling for electoral reform and a return to paper ballots … (full text, Oct 30, 2008).

Listen also the audio: Presidential Election Audit Finds Every Vote Doesn’t Count, published on Democracy for New Hampshire, July 23, 2008.

… While we can admit that some people may always try to commit voter registration fraud, such fraud is far less important or successful than the tactics committed by the Republicans in the last two Presidential elections. It must be ended! If there is one activity that stinks of being un-American, it would be trying to take away another’s right or ability to vote … (full text, November 01, 2008).

The Twelve Step Program, YES! Online – Election 2008: 12 Ways You Can Safeguard the Vote, by Fran Korten – Download the pdf-text.

… Phillip’s analysis uncovered the fact that Miami County’s ballot count was off in each and every one of its 82 precincts. A return of soiled ballots might have helped sort this out but they were destroyed. Why? Three counties, Stark, Summit, and Warren, failed to return any unvoted ballots making it difficult to determine if unvoted ballots were marked and substituted for voted ballots. Stark and Warren said it was standard procedure to destroy unvoted ballots 60 days after an election. Summit didn’t bother to offer an explanation … (full text, 8 November 2007).

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… Well primarily, there is the audit of the vote in 18 counties of Ohio that was carried out by Richard Hayes Phillips who published Witness To A Crime which is the result of three years labor by Richard and his researchers who literally scrutinized every single ballot that was cast in 18 Ohio counties. This book is scrupulous, precise, and explicit-fully illustrated and comes with a CD with illustrations of ballots and how they were tampered with … (full text, November 2, 2008).

… Richard began investigating the 2004 Ohio Presidential election when he received an unsolicited e-mail containing obviously erroneous election results from Cleveland.  He quickly found that hundreds of votes in certain precincts had inexplicably shifted from John Kerry to other presidential candidates.  This made him a witness to a crime, with a duty to investigate further and to present his findings publicly. Phillips wrote and submitted 21 papers to the Ohio Supreme Court as an expert witness in the Moss v. Bush lawsuit.  He presented evidence of voter suppression, failure to count ballots cast, and alteration of the vote count, sufficient to question the alleged victory of George W. Bush in Ohio … (full text, October 2, 2008).


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