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(He is a) Canadian Artist Paul Grignon creates in paint, print and pixels … (see on his website).

Paul Grignon was born in Toronto, Canada on May 5, 1948. He was always drawing and painting as a child, and began working in oils at the age of thirteen. Self taught in the technical skills of painting landscapes and still life realistically, his “artist soul” was awakened during a year at Toronto’s New School of Art, where he immersed himself in figure drawing up to 6 hrs per day and experimented with abstract expressionist painting … (full text).

He says: “Born in Toronto, Canada in 1948, I first became suspicious of our money system when I was in high school in Ottawa. We were studying logarithmic functions such as interest and it struck me that a money system in which money accrues interest at every turn could only function with exponential growth of the money supply. Something did not make sense to me. I wasn’t sure what it was but I had strong feeling that banking was a scam designed to benefit bankers at the expense of everyone else. I vowed never to get into debt to bankers” … (full text).

Reviews of his video Money as Dept.

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Paul Grignon – Canada

Sites showing Paul Grignon’s paintings and drawings: on Cathedral Grove; on Carole Martin; on Gallery Sookeharbourhouse; on Himalayan Festival; on Kinsol Trestle; on whiter rock gallery; on world wide renaissance;  on graced haven’s; on Kevan and Allison’s Wedding; and on Gallery 1080.

Ecrivent aussi de sa vidéo/resp. la montrent: Daily Motion, 15 oct., 2008; David Abiker, sur France Info, le 14 oct. 08; François Xavier, le, le 8 oct. 08; André Gunthert, l’école des hautes études en science, 14 octobre 2008; Astrid Girardeau et Erwan Cario dans Libération, 15 octobre 2008.

… Une vidéo à ne pas manquer, qui nous décrit les artifices financiers appliqués par les banques avec la complicité des gouvernants. Ca fait froid dans le dos. Mais il ne suffit pas de regarder, il s’agirait également de revendiquer les quelques pistes qu’y sont proposés. A l’aube d’une séquence ou nos civilisations vont devoir opérer un virage à 180°c, il serait bon d’anticiper les pénuries et la fin des ressources terrestres à bas couts, la fin de la récré a sonné! Pour plus de débat, consulter également le site Arrèt sur Image, dont ci-dessous un article et liens associés. Skapad. LE FILM DE PAUL GRIGNON: dit non à l’usure … (full text, 25 octobre 2008).

The Google download-book Pier 21, By Anne Renaud.

Find him and his publications on Google Video-search (actually with 151 results); on Google Book-search; on Google Group-search; on Google Blog-search.

… Zeitgeist II film (and website) is dark, foreboding, and dire.  Its appeal will be most effective with the disaffected who recognize the problems and yearn for positive direction.  I loved it; the film resolved my ambivalence over boycotting the vote. Zeitgeist II spends the first half of the film explaining the monetary system.  That’s a good thing; most of us have no clue how money really works.  My three college econ courses never explained the creation of money through debt.  Nor did they warn of the ramifications of this century-old pyramid scheme that is today collapsing before us.  Dennis Kucinich recently recommended Paul Grignon’s 47-minute animated documentary, Money as Debt, for an introduction to our monetary system.  So do I.  Zeitgeist II takes the instruction further, and then moves into an interconnected exposé of corporations and capitalism … (full text, 12 Oct 2008).

Find also Paul Grignon’s video: on Webatlantis on Bonjour Planet Earth; on need 2 know; on
snips & snaps; on Running ‘Cause I can’t fly’; on Hey Guys … and more than 7000 other blogs on Google Blog-search.

Paul Grignon is a fine landscape artist and a tireless advocate for the land and for peace. He lives on Gabriola Island … (see a landscape).

Promote Sustainable Economies-End The FED!: Disposable goods with short life spans are necessary to sustain “economic growth”, but this is extremely hazardous to our environment. But why do we need this cancerous “economic growth” at all? Because the Federal Reserve system can create money out of thin air to bankroll Congress’s endless wars, pension programs, and reckless spending, leaving average Americans to foot the bill via the “national debt”. Sign the petition … (full text).

… The basic premise is that the system is defendant on people going into debt. If they are not in dept the system falls apart. If they stop paying the interest on the dept it also falls apart. But as long as people keep trying to pay off the dept (which by default can never go away entirely or else they whole sham doesn’t work) then the process keeps working for the bankers. We, well, just have to keep working. Of course there are exceptions. The second rung of people who are not the power brokers but who are high enough on the food chain to benefit from the same system can also do ok for themselves. But the vast majority of people will remain in a perpetual state of indeptness, forever working to pay it off. What do they get in return? The car, the house, the vacation? Perhaps. But at what cost to their peace of mind? At what cost to their lives? … (full text).


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Wright Patman, USA: (August 6, 1893–March 7, 1976) was a U.S. Congressman from Texas in Texas’s 1st congressional district and chair of the United States House Committee on Banking and Currency … In 1932, Patman introduced a bill that would have mandated the immediate payment of the bonus to World War I veterans. It was during the consideration of this bill that the Bonus Army came to Washington. Patman was a supporter of the New Deal. He also opposed the Federal Reserve System … (full text) wikipedia;

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Unbought and Unbossed #75, June 25, 2008.

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