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Reinhard Erös, born in 1948, was Colonel in the Medical Corps of the German Army and lectured on Intercultural Competence at national and international military academies. On behalf of NATO, the UN and international aid agencies he has worked in crisis areas in Ruanda, East Timor, Iran, Albania, Bosnia, Bangladesh and India. For the last twenty years he has been operating on a personal basis on behalf of Afghanistan. Since taking early retirement he lives with his wife Annette and their five children near Regensburg. His involvement with Afghanistan has earned him the highest German military award (First Class), the Marion Gräfin Donhöff Prize and the European Social Prize among others. In 2002 Bavarian TV selected him as ‘Bavarian of the Year’. His bestselling Tee mit dem Teufel. Als deutscher Militärarzt in Afghanistan (Tea with the Devil – Army Doctor in Afghanistan) was published by Hoffmann & Campe in 2001. More information on Kinderhilfe Afghanistan (German Aid for Afghan Children GAAC).

Reinhard Erös (* 1948 in Tirschenreuth) ist Oberstarzt der Bundeswehr a.D. und lebt in Mintraching bei Regensburg. Zusammen mit seiner Frau Annette und seinen fünf Kindern betreibt er seit 1998 die Kinderhilfe Afghanistan, die in den Ostprovinzen Afghanistans mit dem Bau von Dorf- und Oberschulen, Waisenhäusern, Krankenstationen, Computerausbildungszentren und Berufsschulen humanitäre Hilfe und Wiederaufbauhilfe leistet … (ganzer Text).

Hohe Auszeichnung im Doppelpack für Erös, Sept. 22, 2006.


Reinhard Erös – Germany

Watch the video debate in german, Münchner Runde – Afghanistan, July 25, 2007 – 5 videos: 1/5, 9.46 min;  2/5, 9.54 min; 3/5, 9.58 min; 4/5, 9.33 min; and mainly 5/5, 5.50 min. (My comment: our (American and European) elites’ refusal on Reinhard Erös’ proposal for POPPY FOR MEDECINE lets me ask: WHO has a profit by selling rather arms to Afghanistan than start projects leading to a real change?)

… The Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung deserves a lot of credit for addressing key themes facing the transatlantic alliance, such as the future of NATO, Iran and Afghanistan.  I am delighted with the turnout and I am honored to be part of your series on Afghanistan. I understand that you recently hosted an impressive program with former Bundeswehr physician Dr. Reinhard Erös who now leads a privately organized humanitarian aid program securing education for girls in the post-Taliban era … (full text, 23. April 2008).

… Although Rübling’s murder comes as a shock to other local aid workers, they agree that withdrawing would send the wrong signal, partly because it could encourage the murderers. “Show your face, show your flag and get out,” advises Reinhard Erös of Kinderhilfe Afghanistan, a German aid organization headquartered in Bavaria. Erös, who already worked in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, is part of a successful effort to build schools in the country’s Pashtun east … (full text).

… About two years ago I learned about the Kinderhilfe Afghanistan (German Aid for Afghan Children). This organisation is completey privately driven by the Erös Family. What they have achieved over the last decade as NGO (none government organisation) is simply outstanding ! Last year I met Dr. Reinhard Erös the first time personally and I have to admit never having spoken to someone with so much passion for his work, with so much knowledge of what he is talking about and who is that charismatic as he is. Since then I try to collect fundings and other items of need for him via my website Swyx Forum … (full text).

Find him and his publications on ; on Hoffmann und Campe; on Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek; on Google Video-search; on inauthor Google-search; on Google Book-search; on Google Group-search; on Google Blog-search.

4 neuere Artikel auf deutsch:

It’s winter in Pakistan. Many victims of the earthquake on October 8 now live in tents, however, these cannot withstand the hard winter. In order to secure people from freezing to death, the former doctor of the German Federal Armed Forces and founder of the association “Kinderhilfe Afghanistan”, Dr. Reinhard Erös, is building huts from sheet plate to provide shelter from the cold. Even Dr. Erös, who was 150 km away at that time, could feel the earth shake. Immediately afterwards, Dr. Erös and his team went towards the epicentre near Balakot to help the earthquake victims. The nearer they came to the epicentre the more destruction they noticed. As they arrived in Balakot, Dr. Erös saw the debris of a city with previously 60,000 inhabitants. Almost all buildings of the town were destroyed. He began with emergency aid without delay from his headquarters in Balakot. Dr. Erös provided the refugees with winter clothes, drugs, and food. Via helicopter and trucks, aid was transported to inaccessible regions where most of the refugees were … (full text, Jan. 30, 2006).

His book: Under the Taliban, Warlords and Drug Barons, A family fights for Afghanistan, February 2008, 360 pages: „Erös treads surefootedly between all fronts in the Pashtun Empire“ (Der Spiegel): Reinhard Erös set up an unparalleled aid programme together with his family. Today Afghan Child Aid is widely acclaimed as ‚probably the most effective aid agency in Afghanistan’ according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Erös gives a riveting account of his adventurous work. It started with illegal forays into the Afghan mountains, where the army doctor treated thousands of people. Meanwhile his wife was setting up a school in Peshawar for refugee children. This project grew into a unique family initiative – using exclusively private donations from 9/11 2001 onwards they set up over two dozen modern peace schools in counterpoint to the primitive Islamic Koranic schools. Additionally they created mother and child clinics, orphanages and computer schools in the highly dangerous eastern provinces. Reinhard Erös , now one of the most sought after experts on Afghanistan, provides remarkable insights into the daily life of this beleaguered country … (full text).

… Dr. med. Reinhard Erös, Kinderhilfe Afghanistan, (sagt:) „Ein Mehr an Morphinen würde gerade in Entwicklungsländern die Preise senken und damit den Zugang für viele, viele Menschen zu Morphinen erleichtern. Der Verkauf ins Ausland bringt Geld ins Land. Ich verkauf die Sache, ich verschenk die ja nicht. Mit dem Geld könnte man in Afghanistan wiederum neue Wirtschaftsfaktoren schaffen, die jetzt fehlen. Wir haben eine irrsinnig hohe Arbeitslosigkeit. Es würden wieder neue Arbeitsplätze entstehen. Also es spricht eigentlich alles dafür“ … und: „Aus meiner über 20jährigen Kenntnis des Landes, insbesondere der Drogenhauptanbauprovinzen, im Osten, glaube ich, dass es ein Weg ist, den wir beschreiten sollten, weil wir keine andere Alternative haben“ … (ganzer Interviewtext).

«Nos dix écoles sont encore debout», déclare le Dr Reinhard Erös. Toutefois, il n’avait pas l’air soulagé lorsqu’il téléphona lundi soir du Pakistan. Il y a là-bas trop de morts, trop de personnes qui ont besoin d’aide. Le président de la Kinderhilfe Afghanistan se trouvait, au moment du terrible tremblement de terre, le samedi 8 octobre, en Asie du Sud, à 130 kilomètres de l’épicentre, dans le village de Markihel … (texte entier, octobre 2005).


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