Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti – England-Scottland and USA

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Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti is a British poet and author living in the United States who has published widely in the United States and in Europe. Although she has written for print publications, she is most widely known as a result of her prolific output online. Besides running the blog she founded tantmieux she also serves as a regular contributor to Blogcritics, is an established writer for various online and print magazines (specifically writing about Bob Dylan, Lewis Carroll as well as cultural and political issues), and is Senior Cultural & Political Editor with Cyrano’s Journal Online. Ranson is also a well-established poet both in the United States and in Europe. She is the founder of The Tant Mieux Project, incorporating Bob Dylan on Tant Mieux … (full text, last modified on 19 October 2008).

… Even if you’re a relative newcomer to Blogcritics, you’ve undoubtedly encountered Sadi by now. A contributor since May of 2004, longtime readers know her to be a writer of uncommon candor and perception. The honesty that suffuses her musings on music and film and her many personal essays never fails to strike a chord with readers, as is easily gleaned from a casual glance at the comments her posts garner. Her grasp of the ties that bind us together as human beings and her willingness to put herself under the microscope are hallmarks of her work … (full text by Lisa McKay, April 03, 2006).

She says:… “I find sleep a waste of time. Why sleep, I think, when I could be up writing. That I may be tired the next day simply does not occur as a reasonable thought. If Hans were here, this fuzzy logic would make sense to him, I think” … (full text).

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Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti – England-Scottland and USA

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so much the better … .

She writes: … These signs combined with “just a feeling”, assuming you are not a paranoid person, then you may wish to pursue your feeling further. I won’t say the word suspicion because it’s a word cheaters use all the time. You are made to feel as if you are crazy or nuts for thinking that they are cheating on you. Your spouse may even tell you you are crazy. That you are a nag, that you are boring because this is all you talk about etc. etc. This is a diversion tactic and don’t fall for it. The best thing you can do is NOT approach your partner at this time but go about finding out the truth of the situation so that you can decide what you want to do: whether you stay or go, the choice is yours and either option is valid. The goal is to live honestly — and both options are there because different people bear different things … (full text, December 9th, 2004).

epilepsy and exorcism – all the rage? January 17, 2006.

I remember Saul Bellow, July 23rd, 2006.

electroencephologram, poem on Tant Mieux, December 9, 2004.

She writes also: love, like life, can be so painful at times that it twists and turns and we yearn. it confuses and bends and stretches. it comes unexpected, it leaves if neglected, sometimes not. sometimes it thrives regardless, like the weed (which is just another name for a flower that some would say is ‘unwanted’.) But whether we want to love or not, or to be in-love, we are stuck with it regardless and there is no getting around it. One can be like Penelope from the Odyssey, waiting for her lover hanging on to only hope where perhaps there is no sign of it for as long as twenty  – an endless tableaux and a folly to a love that is perhaps impossible – or not. Who can say. What i do know for sure is that where there is love there will be happiness, there will be joy, and there will be grief. (on tantmieux, late march, 9.42 a.m., 2008).

Wired: Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Epilepsy, and Me, November 10, 2006.

of fugues & fireflies – a.k.a. Grand Mal, 17th June 2005.

to make a difference through my writing, Oct 5, 2007.

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And she writes: I have to keep moving forward, regardless of what any doctor may say or any health official or anyone in the field. It seems I get yet more and more bad news and yet I am the furthest thing from a hypochondriac (in fact, I’m not even clear on how to spell the bloody word) and yet, I seem to bring with me a plague of illness ever since I was a young child … (full text, January 16, 2006).

masked & anonymous bob dylan – jack fate tells us ours, Feb. 09, 2008.

She says also: “I am a liar.
It’s a hard thing to admit, but there it is … (full text, May 21, 2005).

lettre pour un ami, May 23, 2008.

How terrifying is it that in a year or so I qualify for the Heritage Plan? Or at least according to my television and one funerary insurance company I will. That, within a year or so, at least a portion of GenXers will qualify for funeral benefits along with those born after 1920. Yes, that’s 1920 through the mid to late ’60s … // … All of this reminds me of a clip I saw the other night on a DVD of The Dick Cavett show with George Harrison who was being interviewed and who sang and who during the interview was asked if he could imagine Paul McCartney or The Stones or Lennon performing after age sixty. Harrison did a quick impersonation of what in his mind a sixty year old walked like and would carry him/herself and it was a lugging walk like some kind of primate – this is what he viewed “old” as. Yet here we are, with the Stones still selling out shows and McCartney cutting his own wide swath through the wood. Certainly they qualify for the Heritage Plan. Perhaps if I live long enough, I’ll have the same Start Me Up attitude as Mick Jagger and nothing will stand in my way. I pray it so. (full text, October 16, 2005).

There is the mathematician Pythagoras who had a cult around him. People who at the time recognized his genius and wanted in. He too was written off as mad and eccentric, and to note, he is rumored to be one of the first animal rights advocates as well, another group that is still written off as mad. One could go on with such examples but the point is made. Schizophrenics, Epileptics, though with disease of different origin and different path will always see the world in a different way. They are drawn to rigidity, discipline, and pattern. They will seek logic and pattern in everything and they will find it. Perhaps this is a way of making sense of a world that otherwise, makes no sense because of seizures or other spells that dizzy and stupefy. When the brain betrays you seek logic. You are drawn to the clean and sharp lines of geometry, liner equations and calculus where shapes and equations can exist on an imagined plane – where the possible is impossible. A world where even though a thing person should not exist or succeed does so nonetheless. (full text, in a beautiful mind – sparks of genius, August 19, 2004).

Welcome to The Tant Mieux Project ~ First things first – here is our recent news. I update this page with stunning regularity, so the news here is fresh and hot off the press, so please check out this link  here and visit SnapShots for the latest word about Tant Mieux and what we’ve accomplished. I’ve been working hard on the Lewis Carroll book and with other Carroll writers, notably John Tufail, Sherry Ackerman, & Karoline Leach, who are, along with myself and others, part of  Contrariwise, The New Association for New Carroll Studies.  We’ve also built out a Carroll area in Tant Mieux. To visit that section, click here.  There, you will find out more about my forthcoming books, some ordering information, quotes and blurbs, new articles that reinvigorate Carroll and more, So please visit and if you have questions, use the Contact link. If you are likewise a Carroll scholar and would like to write for Tant Mieux or have something to contribute, don’t be shy. The goal of the Tant Mieux Project is to bring you the best commentary and content on the Web today, ranging from poetry, cultural comment, images by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, Carl Johnson, Owen Hartford and others. We have several distinct sections – our very popular and multimedia Bob Dylan site that has succeeded (and continues to not only succeed, but to surpass our expectations) tremendously in its area with links back from all over the states (America) as well as throughout Europe. Want to link? Use the Contact link and let us know and we’ll gladly link back. With over three-hundred and fifty images, we have one of the most extensive collections of Dylan images on the Web, and from many different eras, from the get-go to the now. Click on the following link: image gallery of Bob Dylan – which is, I’m proud to say, one of the best on the Web … (full text, summer, 2008).


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