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Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy (is) an expert on Islamic terrorism, an internationally recognized critic of Political Islam and an author of the book “The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing Over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad” … (on IntelliBriefs, February 28, 2008) … (link to the book) …

Nuclear Physicist, Internationally recognized critic of political Islam: Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy grew up in India, where he had first-hand experience with political Islam and jihad. He moved to America in 1984 to pursue graduate studies. In 1992, he received a doctorate in nuclear physics from Stony Brook University, New York. Since 1999 he has extensively published ideas on neutralizing political Islam’s terror war as it is imposed on unbelievers. He is the author of the new book, The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad. His subject: Neutralizing Political Islam’s Terror War. (on basic

He says: … Because the political Islamic movement is driven by a conquest-oriented medieval ideology and outlook, it behaves like a “germ”. Dialogue or accommodation is simply not possible. Second, this movement is entrenched among Muslim populations and importantly, is networked, with multiple power centers or nodes. This means classical approach of predominantly using diplomacy and/or military force, along with aid is not effective. This may be the reason why our traditional Think Tanks are struggling to come up with a coherent policy response that our political leaders could rely on … (full long interview text).


Moorthy Muthuswamy – India

The Little Secret about Kashmir, October 16, 2008.

He writes: … In the long run, if the United States wants an effective ally in India and wants democracy to succeed there, it must side with Hindu-majority organizations and help them undermine Indian jihadis. Otherwise, the trend in intensifying Islamic terrorism and its siege of Indian democracy shows that the promise of U.S.-Indian ties likely will go unfulfilled and jihadis will destroy another critical democratic ally in South Asia. (full text,  Dec. 21, 2006 /scroll down).

The Western political, defense and intelligence establishments, for the most part, view Islam under the “religion model.” In this model, aspirations of Muslims are seen to be no different from the ones in any other religious community. It acknowledges the violent track record of Muslims and its probable origins in Islamic scriptures, but hopes that, as is the case with other ethnic groups and nations, over the passage of time, Muslims too will eventually overcome the hurdles to become a cohesive component of the global community. This model implicitly assumes coexistence … (full text).

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He says also: … “Our enemy is political Islam and a movement based upon it: the political Islamic movement. Political Islam holds that Islam should have a dominant say in governing the affairs of government. There are good reasons for this outlook, going back to Islamic scriptures … // … We should view political Islam, not radical or militant Islam, as our main enemy. Any movement based on the political ideology outlined in the trilogy has to have powerful and resourceful backers in order to be successful. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan have powerful political Islamic movements within that fuel movements elsewhere – both in other Muslim majority nations and in nations with Muslim minorities. These three nations are called, Axis of Jihad in my book … (full long interview text).

He writes also: … This is the secret: from every newly-formed Muslim majority area of South Asia – without exception – including Pakistan, Bangladesh and in India’s own Kashmir, non-Muslims have been massively cleansed and driven to Hindu-majority India. It is for the above reason that Pakistan is at least 97% Muslim and India is at least 15% Muslim. Besides implying the inability to co-exist, it may be reasonable to interpret these data as a form of conquest in the name of Islam. The scary part is that the religion-based passion for conquest never stops! Muslim-concentrated areas in nearby non-Muslim lands are singled out for further conquest. We now have documented evidence that a long-term and systematic funding process was put in place to indoctrinate the Muslim majority in Indian Kashmir to develop hatred toward their Indian nation, to identify with pan-Islamic aspirations, and to sponsor armed insurgencies … (full text, October 16, 2008).

… South Asian Muslims genuinely believe, as followers of Islam, they are superior in everyway – when the reality is exactly the opposite, as borne by various indicators of progress. India’s recent resurgence is almost exclusively due to Hindu community which has openly embraced modernism, while the evidence only indicates Indian Muslims’ deep embrace of medievalism (Dynamics of Proselytizing). In fact, indiscriminate killings of Hindu children, women and men by South Asian Muslims in the last sixty years or more tell us that they do not even think that Hindus deserve to live. This calls for a strategy whereby South Asian Muslims and South Asian Islam must be demeaned and discredited in every way possible to create confusion among the flock and to finally set the stage for using massive force to permanently neutralize their threat … (full text).

And he says: … “During the last sixty years, from every Muslim majority area of South Asia – without exception – be it Pakistan, Bangladesh or from India’s own Kashmir valley, non-Muslims have been massively driven out to India. This occurred when the Muslim population there achieved political power through majority status. Also, laws and conditions have been put in place to deliberately marginalize non-Muslims. In almost all of these cases, mosques and the clerics played a major role in facilitating this “conquest”. In India the Muslim population percentage has increased from about 10 percent in 1951 to about 15 percent now. Even within 85 percent non-Muslim India, in some Muslim majority towns this phenomenon is getting repeated. These South Asian populations share language, food habits and culture but differ in religion. Clearly, these Muslim populations are influenced by political Islam. Written orders were issued by Pakistan’s military high command to kill Hindus in the then East Pakistan in 1971. The largest religion-based genocide of the past fifty years was conducted as a result. Most of these expulsions and genocides occurred before 1972 – well before the large-scale infusion of petrodollars and Wahhabism … (full long interview text).

And he writes: With the escalating killings of majority community in Assam and in Kashmir, supported by neighboring states of a certain religious denomination and some leaders of the same denomination in India increasingly showing their true intent (evidenced by the latest threat to kill writer Taslima Nasreen) India is at an important crossroad today. Is India going to be a growing power on its way to becoming a developing nation or is it destined to be a banana republic, which showed some promise early on but only to be destroyed by destabilizing forces? These questions are no longer academic to astute observers. History tells us that the future is determined by critical decisions taken at crucial times. The Indian establishment, especially its security apparatus has been concerned for some time about the deteriorating internal security situation. Indeed, a new form of war has been waged on India and its mostly unsuspecting citizens. It involves indoctrinating a segment of the Indian population to become foot-soldier of a hostile alien civilization, intend on expanding its boundaries, using terror and other modes to destroy from within … (full text, Aug-05-2007).

… With folks like Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, Roger Hedgecock of Talk Radio and fill-in for Rush Limbaugh, Joe Kaufman of CAIR Watch and Americans Against Hate, Dr. Harvey Kushner of I know everything about Terrorism, Dr. Wafa Sultan of Muslims are uncivilized due to Islam, Dr. Bruce Tefft of I’m a mis-educator of Law Enforcement, Dr. Paul Williams of Muslims will reach critical mass by 2015 and take over America, to the lovely Frank Wuco who’s gotten into the mind of the jihadists but should don’t let them know; I could hardly pass up the opportunity for some entertainment. Oh and how could I forget the Indian Hindu nuclear engineer Moorthy Muthuswamy and the Egyptian Coptic MD Monier Dawood (named on Muslim matters) thrown in for their brilliance and eloquence respectively. The former outlining his brilliant strategy to combat “political Islam” by outlawing the existence of Mosques first in America, then India and eventually Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The latter was helped off the stage for showing up late, rambling about Egyptian pop singers in the early 70s, discriminating against Christians by celebrating the ’73 war with Israel, by crossing the Suez Canal as done by a fictional Egyptian named “Mohamed” as opposed to a “Boutrous” or “Gerges” (George) and offending his strongly Zionist hosts by even mentioning any wars against Israel without first condemning them … (full text).


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