N’Diaye Korotoumou Traoré – Mali

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

N’Diaye Korotoumou Traoré was born in the town of Toba (area of Bougouni) in 1943. She is the incarnation of a priest woman that concentrates all her energy towards serving her community without any reward. She is a simple woman who understands that Malian women more than ever need support to achieve real equality with men. N’Diaye is married and is the mother of eight children … She says: “I work to improve the lives of the poor by getting families to generate their own economic activities … (1000peacewomen 1/2).


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She works for the Association Malienne pour la Promotion Sociale des Aveugles AMPSA, no own website, but named on:

WILDAF – West Africa Newslette, July 2005.


(1000peacewomen 2/2): … N’Diaye Korotoumou Traoré is never discouraged or angry while explaining to women what they must do during pregnancy and for the nutrition of children. Born in the town of Toba in Mali, she has passed on a lot of information on bodily hygiene and family hygiene.

The concerns of this courageous lady include:

  • - social activities: she has taken charge of poor families, abandoned children and orphans;
  • - economic activities: generating work like gardening and farming;
  • - mobilization of the internal and external resources of the country for the construction and the equipment of maternity hospitals, paediatrics, etc;
  • - allocation of the women’s bike pump in areas and districts with the support of the NGO;
  • - supervision of blind people in the manufacture of fishing nets and ropes;
  • - the formation of women’s theatrical groups;
  • - youth: production and theater presentation on the important role played by women in the home and the incorporation of messages to sensitize the population.

Madame N’Diayé has been active in humanitarian and social affairs from 1962 to 1994–32 years. According to those close to her, her methods involve visiting homes and organising meeting and debates to targeted groups. The formation and the supervision she did daily.
She knew how to create awareness among the people and those in authority, she took account of cultural and social issues and handled them with tact and patience to gain people’s confidence.

As an assistant social worker, she worked for the improvement of the conditions of communities while counseling for the easing of the domestic tasks for women. This meant they had time to learn to read which would reinforce their management of the family and education of the children.

Madame N’Diayé has faced many challenges in her work, including real difficulties in mobilizing the population, especially the women; mobilizing sufficient resources; cultural and social problems; reconciling professional activities with married life. With her retirement today, Madame N’Diaye Korotoumou Traoré is recognized as someone who has not served fruitlessly. (1000peacewomen).

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