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John Case is the pseudonym of Jim (1942 – *) and of Carolyn (1943 – 2007) Hougan, husband and wife, both published authors in their own right. Jim Hougan is also an award-winning investigative journalist and broadcaster. He lives in Afton, Virginia. Under the pseudonym, the Hougans authored 6 novels: The Genesis Code, The First Horseman, The Syndrome (a.k.a. Trance State), The Eighth Day, The Murder Artist, and Ghost Dancer (a.k.a. The Dance of Death – UK ed.). The joint writings of Jim and Carolyn have now ended following the untimely death of Carolyn Hougan from cancer on February 25, 2007. (wikipedia).

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Bios of Carolyn Hougan: on John; Farewell to Carolyn Hougan, Charlottesville novelist: 1943-2007 on CVilleWords.

Carolyn Hougan, 63, a novelist who wrote under her own name as well as the pseudonym “John Case” for thrillers written with her husband, died of cancer Feb. 25 at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville. Ms. Hougan wrote “Shooting in the Dark” (1984), “The Romeo Flag” (1989) and “Blood Relative” (1992). She teamed up with her writer-husband, Jim Hougan, to pen a series of thrillers of which the best known is “The Genesis Code” (1997), a bestseller about Vatican intrigue. Their latest novel, “Ghost Dancer” (2007), has been nominated for the Dashiell Hammett Award for the best literary crime novel … // … They lived in Alexandria and Washington from about 1980 until last August, when they moved full time to their home in Charlottesville. Ms. Hougan enjoyed gardening, sailing and spending summers in Phippsburg, Maine. (full text, March 2, 2007).


John Case alias Jim and Carolyn Hougan – USA

The woman on the left, known far and wide as “Herself,” is the critically-acclaimed author of four novels and the co-author of six others.  So she’s not what you’d call “at a loss for words.”  Nevertheless, it has fallen to me, her co-conspirator in all things, to pen a biographical note in her behalf – if only to shame her into writing one of her own. The daughter of Samuel and Elisabeth Johnson, Carolyn made her debut in a shotgun shack in New Iberia, Louisiana…some time ago. She is, nonetheless, a Jersey girl by virtue of her graduation from Scotch Plains High School (where the students are exhorted to “Buckle down, Blue Raiders, buckle down!”).  A Peabody scholar at the now defunct Western College for Women, she is an honors graduate of the University of Wisconsin … (full text).

Another tremendous blast from the out-of-print past by the impeccable folk at Felony & Mayhem is Carolyn Hougan’s shamefully neglected 1989 thriller THE ROMEO FLAG – a veritable Faberge egg (there’s a real one at the heart of the plot) full of treasures and delights that begins in Shanghai just as the Japanese are invading; sweeps along a tangled trail through Moscow and the upper reaches of the CIA; and winds up in the Maine home of an apparently perfectly ordinary teacher named Nicola Ward with a history that just won’t quit. (full text, May 16, 2006).

… Classic mysteries are immensely satisfying reads, but difficult to locate without expert guidance.  If you find an author you like, you track down every other book written by that author and impatiently await the next title.  If you learn of a favorite author’s death, like Sarah Caldwell (And Thus Was Adonis Murdered), the loss is sharply felt … Last night I finished The Romeo Flag by Carolyn Hougan, a 1980 Cold War espionage story … (full text).

Carolyn Hougan writes thrillers. After penning four novels of suspense on her own (including Blood Relatives), she teamed up with husband Jim to write as John Case. “John Case” is New York Times bestselling author of five thrillers including the Genesis Code. 3/19 10 a.m. (vabook).

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Jim says: … I think the United States entered this quagmire in the way that it enters all quagmires, with wonderful good intentions and very fuzzy objectives. … The American intention, insofar as it had a mission that could be articulated — which is itself questionable — was to stabilize Lebanon after the Israeli invasion, to retrain and reconstitute the Lebanese army, which was composed of many ethnic groups, most of which were at war with another, and to create a kind of Western democracy out of what was really a confessional nightmare. And it was probably doomed to failure … (full long interview text).

… Newcomers to this site may not have seen this important letter by Jim Hougan, author of Secret Agenda, the best book on Watergate. (Puh-lease do not bring up Silent Coup.) Although careless readers of that book thought that Hougan had fingered Haig as DT, Hougan reprinted hard evidence that Robert Bennett of the CIA had given important information to reporter Bob Woodward. In return, Woodward kept the CIA out of his stories, even though Hunt and the other “plumbers” were all Agency veterans … (full text, December 19, 2008).

Jim Hougan’s book, “The Magdalene Cipher” was a book I picked up at a local library sell. I am very glad I did. The book was entertaining and kept you wondering. This book kind of reminded me of Dan Brown’s “The Davinci Code” (which I loved) only not quite as good or controversial … // … The book starts off immediately by grabbing your attention. I was surprised this book was as good as it was. I definitely recommend this book to any mystery reader! (full text, ).

Jim Hougan’s official website.

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John Case: From the “New York Times” bestselling author of “The Genesis Code” comes this gripping international thriller. Jack Wilson, brilliant mathematician and diabolical madman, plans to adapt a harmonic resonance weapon to dismantle the technologically interdependent components of Western civilization. From The Genesis Code to The Murder Artist, John Case has established himself as the master of unrelenting suspense. Now Case choreographs his most diabolically chilling novel to date, as the very fabric of civilization threatens to come apart in the hands of a brilliantly vengeful madman … (full text).

John Case’s official website.

Of special note, Ghost Dancer, the couple’s most recent novel, has been nominated for this year’s Dashiell Hammett Award for Best Literary Crime Novel by the International Association of Crime Writers. (full text).

John Case’s Dutch fansite.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Genesis Code and The Syndrome, here is a spellbinding new thriller of international intrigue, religious prophecy, cutting-edge science, and unrelenting suspense. For Danny Cray, a struggling artist and part-time private investigator, the offer is too good to be true. A wealthy, enigmatic lawyer, Jude Belzer, would like to retain Danny for a little damage control. His client, an elusive billionaire named Zerevan Zebet, is the target of a vicious campaign in the Italian press that threatens to destroy his reputation. Belzer wants Danny to find out who is responsible–and he will pay handsomely … (full text, Jan. 11, 2009).

Worker Self-Management, By John Case, Reply by Robert Dahl, November 19, 1970).

The Genesis Code: Before The Da Vinci Code was The Genesis Code:’A glass-shattering, diesel-fuelled, hard-charging thrill ride of a read’Lorenzo Carcaterra, author of Sleepers Joe Lassiter is an ex-FBI investigator bent on revenge . His sister and young nephew have been murdered and the killer hospitalised. Despite warnings from the police Lassiter will stop at nothing to discover why. His search leads him to uncover an attempt by the Vatican to destroy all traces of a discovery that has sent them into such an alarm, that they have charged a right-wing fundamentalist hit-squad to rid the world of all evidence of it … (full text).

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Their common interview: Carolyn said: … “We brainstorm and outline a lot. I don’t even think it has to do with collaborating so much as it has to do with when you’re writing a mystery, you have to know where you’re going, so you can foreshadow and do everything properly. Our books are very complex. It isn’t like Jim is writing one part, and I write another part, because that’s not how we do this. I write the rough draft, and he comes in behind and cleans it up, although sometimes I’ll leave a space and say, ‘You write this. I can’t write this, I’m stuck” … // … and Jim says: … It’s also the case that even before we get to the writing part, there’s the long conversation that goes on for weeks and months about how this book plays out. Our outlines will run one hundred pages. They’re a drag to read, in a way, because it’s just one thing after another. It’s all plot … ( full interview text).

J’ai entrepris de lire un autre gros pavé de la literrature policière « Génésis » où, comme dirait Bernard Joyet au sujet de la Bible « l’auteur était plusieurs ». Il s’agit comme bon nombre de créations originales d’une histoire de couple entre Jim et Carolyn Hougan qui pour leurs œuvres conjointes prennent le pseudonyme de John Case. Jim ou Jimmy Hougan est un journaliste américain de plume qui parfois se laisse tenter par l’image. On lui doit quelques documentaires engagés sur le pacifisme. Sa femme Carolyn, née Johnson en Louisiane, diplômée d’honneurs de l’université du Wisconsin où elle a rencontré celui qu’elle devait épouser en 1966 est l’auteur que quatre romans en son nom propre. John Case habite à Afton en Virginie où il a créé sept romans qui deviennent doucement des classiques … (full text, 6 Aug 2007).


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