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Rima E. Laibow, M.D. is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation. She is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1970) who believes passionately in the right every American to choose a personal health path that is free of government or corporate interference … // … Like other healers who trust the innate ability to heal, she believes in using nutrients and other natural options to find, define and treat the problems which underlie degenerative, chronic diseases. The key is supporting the immune and other crucial body systems. Dr. Laibow has seen results from these techniques so often in her patients and in her personal life, that she believes the medicine of the future is the medicine of cooperation with nature … // … Because of Dr. Laibow’s awareness of the wide variety of powerful natural, non-toxic options available to treat the underlying causes of disease, she is focused on maintaining these choices for all Americans. Based on her understanding of the impact of poor nutrition and chemical/pesticide toxicity on the declining health of America, Dr. Laibow is determined to help Americans maintain their right to choose health promotion rather than illness care in their efforts to protect themselves from disease and toxic harm. (full text).

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She says: … “I am interested in learning more about the Transition movement. The Natural Solutions Foundation, www.HealthFreedomUSA.org, through its International Decade of Nutrition, www.NaturalSolutionsFoundation.org, has created the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Community in the temperate, fertile Highlands of Panama and I am eager to learn more about the Transition movement … (full text).

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Rima E. Laibow, M.D. – USA

She works for the Natural Solutions Foundation … Washington, DC PRWEB January 21, 2009 – Health Freedom – the right to determine what happens to one’s own body – stands out as one of the “Top Ten” ideas at Change.org. Spearheaded by the efforts of Natural Solutions Foundation’s 190,000+ supporters, “Health Freedom” was voted as one of the Top Ten issues to be considered by the incoming Obama Administration. Because of its strong showing, Health Freedom is now mounted on the “Citizens BriefingBook” section of the official Obama transition web site, Change.gov. As with Change.org, voting at Change.gov takes place when people register and vote for an idea or concept … (full long text).

Watch this video: Your Food and Your Life – Divesting the FDA, 07.54 min, Oct 14, 2008.

Natural Solutions Foundations: The TRUTH is our Defense!.

… Several countries have recently objected to this practice and stated that because of this and other reasons, decisions made by codex in their absence do not have international legitimacy. One major point of contention has been the U.S. and Codex’s staunch refusal to allow labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Japan and virtually all African countries and the 26 countries of the EU (European Union) have fought the U.S. for nearly 18 years to allow mandatory labeling of GMOs. The U.S. fallaciously considers GMOs equal to non-GMOs solely based on a 1992 Executive Order from then-president George H. W. Bush, therefore no pre-market safety testing occurs on any GMOs before they are released into the food chain in the U.S. The FDA refuses to review any safety data except for a single, preliminary review early in the organism’s development … (full text).

… Letting Go of Medical Practice to Fight for Health Freedom: We looked at the current legislative climate and personnel and their stance on health and health freedom and then counted up the votes needed to push back the deadly incursions being made by CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and domestic health freedom threats. We felt that we had no moral and ethical choice but to close our medical practice of Advanced (pharmaceutical-free) Medicine to new patients so that we could tend to the body politic which was sick and suffering … (full text).

… The World Trade Association (WTO) is very close to taking away our right to buy, sell or use almost all nutritional supplements. In addition, the ability of physicians to legally practice environmental or natural medicine and the rights of patients to chose these treatments are about to be criminalized here in the United States. Currently in the U.S. nutrients are classified as foods [under the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA)] and any substance not explicitly forbidden is permitted as a nutrient. Under CODEX, any substance not explicitly permitted by CODEX policy is banned as a nutrient. The CODEX preamble specifies that supplements and nutrients “may not be used to prevent, treat or cure any disorder.” Natural health options will become illegal if either of the following occurs:
1) the United States is “harmonized” with the WTO this spring while compliance with CODEX is still “voluntary”
2) total compliance becomes mandatory, as it will be after the next CODEX Commission meeting in Rome July 4-9, 2005.
… (full long text, March 23, 2005).

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Bangkok, Thailand (PRWEB) November 16, 2006 — Noted health freedom activist Rima E. Laibow, MD will address the 16th Convention of All India Panchayat Parishad in New Delhi next week. The Festival, which runs from November 21-22 in New Delhi, will be opened by the President of All India Panchayat Parishad who also is the Minister in-charge of Food Processing Industries & CODEX. Dr. Laibow will urge farmers to refuse to grow genetically modified crops of any type and to retain the ancient, land-friendly and healthy farming styles which did not damage either the land or the consumer of the foods produced in these ways. At the same time, she will discuss the newest, inexpensive and highly effective technologies which farmers can incorporate into their growing techniques to enhance yield without chemicals and increase nutrient density of food. The meeting, a festival of farmers and rural community and social organizations, will provide an opportunity for Dr. Laibow to emphasize to farmers that without them, and their clean food, no society can prosper … (full text).

… Once CODEX is implemented, either through “harmonization” or mandatory compliance, we will be forced to follow the European CODEX model in which it will be illegal to manufacture, buy, sell, recommend, or use any but 28 ultra-low dose nutrients whether you are a consumer or a licensed health professional. Only synthetic versions of that short list will be allowed and natural supplements, herbs, enzymes and other non-pharmaceutical treatments will be banned. The only legal health option left will be the pharmaceutical one. CODEX regulations have been “harmonized” (i.e., approved) in the EU, Canada and Australia. The United States is next unless we act decisively and act now. On August 1, 2005, 75 percent of the natural substances currently available in health food stores and pharmacies in Europe will become illegal as a direct result of CODEX. Once implemented, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS does the following: VITAMINS, MINERAL, NUTRIENTS AND PHYSIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE SUBSTANCES … (full long text).

… Weaponizing Food: Using food as a weapon goes back to the beginning of inter-group struggle. Sieges are mounted to starve the opposing side. Scorched earth policies deprive peasant and warrior alike of the food they need to survive. Food has been a weapon of tribal and national policy since there were tribes and nations. The US upper echelon policy makers and their friends the would-be masters of the planet have taken this ancient form of intentional misery and death one step further. With chilling directness, food was officially weaponized by NSSM 200 which the US has never repudiated. The document states, “Since population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand, allocation of scarce PL 480 resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production. In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion.”…. “Mandatory programs may be needed and we should be considering these possibilities now,” the document continued, adding, “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?” Among the conclusions reached by NSSM 200 is that “mandatory [emphasis added] population control measures” may be “appropriate.”* NSSM 200 states that “large-scale famine of a kind not experienced for several decades—a kind the world thought had been permanently banished,…can be expected” as policy events and points out “In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion” and suggests that the UN and other agencies be used to carry out these policies … (full long text).

… Opponents of the U.S. policy prohibiting labeling of genetically modified food conclude that the U.S. does not want GMOs labeled because of the potential legal ramifications and liability to the manufacturers and to the U.S. government if these foods could be traced. If millions of people are harmed or killed due to the instability of the inserted DNA promoter viruses and marker bacteria into GMOs when interacting with the dynamic and fluid structure of the human body, then millions of lawsuits may result. But, if they are totally untraceable, then zero corporate or government liability can be assessed. FDA scientists have repeatedly warned about releasing GMOs into the general food supply because of their dangers, but have been routinely ignored or overruled. Prior to the Geneva meeting, the Codex Committee on Food Labeling met in Canada. The meeting concluded with several pro-mandatory GMO labeling nations angry that Codex had not objectively analyzed the empirical research detailing the dangers of GMOs that South Africa prepared. This document delineated the necessity of mandatory labeling of GMOs, but was ignored and subsequently withdrawn on U.S. pressure of an independent nation (South Africa). As a result, several countries planned to scrap the requirements of Codex and adopt their own labeling system for GMOs in an effort to curtail the spread of “lethal” food. This had led to a real quandary for the WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). According to Rima E. Laibow, M.D., medical director of the Natural Solutions Foundation (www.healthfreedomusa.org) , who was a public observer at the latest meeting in Geneva, the WHO and FAO have finally stepped in and decided to undertake a program designed to identify low-level contamination of GMOs in food … (full long text).



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The Codex alimentarius:

  • (Explanation): The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code” or “food book”) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety. Its name derives from the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus.[1] Its texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Commission’s main aims are stated as being to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade. The Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization as an international reference point for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection … (full long text on wikipedia);
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  • its Commission;

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