Aishat Magomedova – Russian Federation (Dagestan)

She is one of the 1000 women proposed fort the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “Banning the use of any sort of weapon–that is what women must demand.”

Aishat Magomedova – Russian Federation

She works for “Liga zashchity matieri i rebionka (LZMR)”.

She graduated from the Medical Institute of Dagestan in 1968. In 1994, she left her position as department director at the republic’s hospital and dedicated herself completely to civic activities. With the support of the local authorities and the Soros Foundation, she created a free hospital and a rehabilitation center for women and children within the framework of the NGO League for the Protection of Mother and Child (LZMR), which she founded in 1993. She is the author of several books dealing with the consequences of violence and war in the Caucasus region.

She tells (excerpts from an interview on Women plus): I am child of after-the-war time, was born in 1944 in Godobery village in Botlikh region of Daghestan. (It is near the Chechen regions where the hostilities took place). We, Godobericy, are a small ethnic nation, consisting of about two and a half thousand men; we have our own language but don’t have a written language. We have own traditions and culture.

At school I first studied Avarsky, then Russian languages. Russian teachers came to us; in very difficult conditions, without textbooks, library they tried to give us knowledge. And it was not lost on us. Almost 40 years have passed, and I always with love and respect remember their names: Titarenco Ludmila Aleksandrovna, Yakunina Maria Alekseevna, Smirnova Nelly Dmitrievna, Ribina Zoya Aleksandrovna. The others’ names have been effaced in my memory, but their clear faces have remained. Thanks God I had such teachers and were able to get education.

Daghestan is a small world in the big one. We are a multi-national republic, but we have nothing to share out, there is no war in our Daghestan. And we are deterred not by some new policy but by that original one which is inherited by us from our ancestors, the main point of which is that we must love a man, live and create. (See the rest on Womens plus).





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