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Matthias Chang is a Malaysian of Chinese descent. He is a Barrister of 31 years standing and once served as the Political Secretary to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He is the author of three bestsellers, “Future FastForward”, “Brainwashed for War, Programmed to Kill”, and “The Shadow Money-Lenders and the Global Financial Tsunami”, published in the US and in Malaysia. Since his student days in England in the late 1960s, he was and still is, actively involved in the anti-war movement spanning a period of 41 years. He is a Catholic but enjoins all to promote inter-faith understanding. He resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia … (full text).

His website: Future Fastforward.


Matthias Chang – Malaysia

His Address to American Patriots at the 2006 TBR-AFP Conference in Washington D.C.:
2 short excerpts: … Firstly: We, in Malaysia are no stranger to the goodness of America and your free Constitution. Strange as it may sound, your Constitution has inspired a generation of freedom fighters in the third world following World War II and continues to inspire people throughout the world even as the United States is waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and threatening insane nuclear strikes against Iran and Syria …
… secondly: … I am not ashamed to admit in front of you that when I first saw the brutally deformed babies in the pediatric wards of various hospitals in Iraq – the result of depleted uranium radiation – and the wanton destruction and pain, anguish ripped through my guts and, as tears welled in my eyes, I prayed and prayed for strength to live through that horrifying day. And I vowed on that day that we must campaign to stop the killings. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, in the Perdana Global Peace Conference in December 2005, called on the world to criminalize war. If murder is a crime during peacetime in our society, killing in time of war is also a crime. If we are civilized, war cannot be an option in the settlement of disputes between nations … (full long text).

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He writes:

  • … The Blame Game: It would be naïve to assume that the status quo would remain, when the Global Trillion Dollar Casino is for all intents and purposes broken down beyond repair.
    Confirmation that the blame game has started in earnest can be found in the aforesaid remarks of President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown on March 3, 2009 given after their meeting at the Oval Office and Brown’s speech to Congress on March 4, 2009.
    Let us come back to the issue of the money-lenders. For some strange reason, many people are put off by the term “money-lenders” but are ever so comfortable with bankers.
    But are not bankers, money-lenders?
    In fact I would say that money-lenders are more honourable than your high street bankers, as they can only rob you in the millions. The global bankers, they rape and plunder in the trillions!
    Is it any wonder that Gordon Brown and President Obama, the political representatives of the Power Elites have decided that it is about time that these financial harlots are to be brought under control before they wreck the entire global power structure?
    Let us have no illusions about Obama and Gordon Brown. They are going after these financial harlots not because they want to protect us from these criminals, but because for too long the political faction had to play second fiddle to the financial faction in the overall scheme of global one world government.
    Until lately, money power triumphed over political power. However, when the entire financial system broke into pieces, it was time to settle scores!
    Read for yourself: … (full text, March 7, 2009);
  • … When the Dow was 14,000, I advised my friends that it will soon dive below 11,000. Further research showed that even at this level, it could not be sustained and I gave the call to short the Dow as it would plunge below 9,000. These facts can be verified in my books, The Shadow Money-Lenders and Will Barisan Nasional Survive Beyond 2010? published in early 2008 and the articles posted to this website! Not one political / financial analyst in Malaysia dare make such calls. They were completely out of the loop, frolicking in La La land and telling fairy tales that a “new era of prosperity was on the horizon. Good times are here for good”. This was even after the collapse of Bear Stearns in 2007 and Lehman Bros in 2008 … (full text, March 3, 2009);
  • … This is the third time that a catastrophic event is invoked to justify a certain course of action.
    That it is Warren Buffett who is making this reference is most telling, for he is the hidden economic and financial adviser to President Obama. Warren Buffett has in fact said that Obama is the best man for the job!
    Warren Buffett is not the effable businessman that the mass media make him out to be. He is an insider in every sense of the word.
    I have said repeatedly for over two years that there is an ongoing global currency warfare and what is at stake is the hegemony of the US dollar. Warren Buffet knows that if the dollar ends up officially as toilet paper, his fortune and that of his global partnership – the hidden manipulators would be finished.
    This message that the US is in an economic Pearl Harbor is meant for the enemy, as yet to be disclosed to the American public. It is a warning no less.
    President Obama has echoed the sentiments in the course of his inauguration speech.
    Food for thought: … (full text, January 23, 2009);
  • The G7 countries will give their consent and support Cheney’s mad adventure in the Middle East as their only solution to the mess which they have created. I see no other scenario. How I wish I am wrong. But I doubt it. Events following every previous Red ALERTS have come to pass. I am no soothsayer. But applying common sense, we must be realists and prepare our people and our family for the coming wars and prepare to take part in the Global Resistance, in whatever way and means at our disposal … (full text, OCTOBER 20, 2007)
  • … I was wrong on account of Dow shooting past the 14,000 points after the Fed reduced both the Discount Rate and the Fund Rate by 25 basis points on 31.10.2007. In fact the Dow rallied to 13,930.01, just 70 points shy of the magical 14,000. So there was a rally but it ran out of steam sooner than I thought. I surmised that Wall Street and the Plunge Protection Team would keep the momentum going for at least a week. They were pumping additional billions into the system. But it did not work. They ran out of gas! The next day, 1.11.2007, the Dow plunged 362.14 points, bringing the Dow back to reality at 13,567.87. We should in fact be happy that people have not bought into this con game perpetrated by the Fed and Wall Street, tried as hard as they could. This is a most significant event as we enter the final 4th quarter of 2007. The first quarter of 2008 will be a nightmare! … (full text);
  • … Middle East lost the best chance for peace when the world turned their backs on the Palestinians when Hamas was elected as the new government. It was the will of the Palestinians, regardless of our personal views of Hamas. Had the US and Israel engaged the new government, peace would have prevailed. But now this is gone forever … (full text).

… Chang demanded that Lee, former Singapore premier Goh Chok Tong and both foreign ministers explain the document. He said: “I’ll show to you the craftiness and the insidious method of presenting evidence by Lee and the Singapore government. (But) we will take the bull by its horns. We will use their same document to expose their lies to show their selectiveness in what to agree and what not to. It is the height of arrogance to do what they did to Malaysia, and it is the height of incompetence on our part to let them unilaterally revoke the agreement and then say it is the right decision, and that we’re protecting our sovereignty” … // … Chang accused Singapore of taking advantage (of a dozy Malaysian government). He said: “The bridge was never an issue. Singapore’s flip-flop over the bilateral agreement is merely to drag the other outstanding issues into the negotiation. I want to know why the [Malaysian] government had agreed to incorporate airspace and sand into the negotiation and thus get entrapped in a limited package approach?”
(full text, April 27, 2006).

COURT OF APPEAL, MALAYSIA: Matthias Chang – vs – The District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago, 23 DECEMBER 2004.


Future Fastforward;

Media Rakyat, Information for the people;

Proposed Economic Stimulus, 17 February 2009.

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