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Lebanese Queen of Rap Lynn Fattouh, known as Malikah “Queen” aka Lix, is a role model to many female Arabs who fear following in her footsteps due to society’s view of the hip hop industry, especially Arab female hip hop! From the wars in Lebanon to haters in the industry, Malikah has had her fair share of road blocks along the way. Shining all over the Middle East, Malikah has managed not to stumble and fall and has taken her rightful place amongst all the Arab Male rappers and MC’s. Born in Marseille, France in 1986, Malikah is a Lebanese Algerian raised in Beirut. What makes her a unique Arab rapper, singer, and MC, that stands out in the industry, is that she is not only a female but she also raps fluently in Arabic, English, and French … (full long text).

Lynn Fattouh aka MC Lix aka Malikah was born in Marseille *, France in 1986. Half Lebanese, half Algerian and raised in Beirut, Lebanon under the shadow of war, Malikah first hit the Lebanese hip hop scene at the tender age of 16, showing early signs of success, working with EMI Arabia in 2003 after winning a hip hop competition and appearing on the Lebanese television show – Zaven. Malikah raps in Arabic and English and has honed her skills as an RnB and dance vocalist over the last 5 years. She regularly performs in Lebanon and has gone afar afield as America and Canada to spit her rhymes. Malikah has worked with most of Lebanon’s hip hop producer and rapper talent and has actively collaborated with named local talent – Beirut Biloma, Cheb Mami, Hasna and Aks’ser. She is featured on the upcoming debut album release of DJ/Producer Lethal Skillz called ‘New World Disorder,’ and is a member of the 961 Underground family – which includes RGB, and Siska – both members of the old school Lebanese hip hop group Kitaa3 Beirut and MC Moe, aka Gemini 7. Malikah also features prominently in the 961 underground documentary produced by Phonomefodz currently in the final stages of post-production … (full text).

Lynn is one of seven top Arab rappers, hand-picked by MTV Arabiya …


Lynn Fattouh / MC Lix / Malikah – Lebanon

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Nothing in her life fated Lynn Fatouh to a career as a rap singer. Born into a consrvative Muslim family in Beirut *, the 23-year-old is now recording alongside stars like 50 Cent, Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Her first album, attests to her ability to cut through male-dominated cultures – in the Arab world and the world of rap to make a name for herself (on

She says:

  • “Lebanon’s MC’s spit the sickest flows,” insists Lynn Fattouh, a.k.a. MC Lix, a.k.a. Malikah (”The Queen”). Long after the party has ended, she is sitting on the dance floor of club Black & White on Monot Street. Lynn is one of seven top Arab rappers, hand-picked by MTV Arabiya, a new cable channel that began broadcasting over the weekend … (full text);
  • … “I have a collaboration track on Aks’seir’ album, that was released a couple of years ago where I rap in French and Arabic (Algerian accent)” … and; “Malikah is the rough, serious, hardcore, Arabic woman who raps about politics, religion, and social issues; and MC Lix is my alter-ego, the feminine, sexy lady who is more commercial and talks about love, friendship and so on” … and: “Back then, I had to cover my face because my parents were against me rapping … This is where I had to face my parents. Eventually we spoke and made a deal that they would let me do my music as long as I keep up with school” … and: Malikah seeks to “reunite Arabia, but most of all to unite the world. I’m trying to spread peace and unity. My dream is to live in a united peaceful world” … and: Malikah urges all Arab females to stand up for their rights and freedom “I encourage them to be active in their societies; to work, study, and vote. Moreover, they should respect themselves and their cultures and keep their head up at all times” … (full long text).

Find her as Malikah: on myspaceMusic; on 961underground; on Google Video-search; and as Lynn Fattouh: on Google Blog-search.

… Participating in Hip HopNa gave Malikah the exposure she was looking for. Not only did fans from all over the Arab world contact Malikah to show love, respect, and to ask about the release of her album; “Many producers and MC’s approached me for collaborations. Record companies also offered me record deals. Hip HopNa opened a lot of doors for me and I am thankful for that,” she said.
Malikah has collaborated with talents such as Beirut Biloma, Cheb Mami, Hasna and Aks’ser. She is a regular performer in events held in Lebanon and was hosted on “New TV” channel on May, along with DJ Lethal Skillz and Ragtop. She has also reached the U.S and Canada to spit her rhymes. Malikah is also featured prominently in the 961 underground documentary, produced by Phonomefodz, which will be released in the summer and will be available on DVD in music stores such as Virgin megastore and online … (full text).

La Gale et Llixx aka Malikah Beirut en concert au CSA.

* (two different claims): born in Beirut or in Marseille?

Lynn Fatouh est considérée comme la plus grande chanteuse de rap dans le monde arabe. Issue de la scène hip-hop underground orientale, Lynn Fatouh, alias Malikah rappe et ne mâche pas ses mots en langue arabe. Connue aussi sous le nom de MC Lix (c’est l’Orient, c’est compliqué), Lynn Fatouh décrit ainsi ses “2 surnoms”. “Malikah est la rappeuse dure, sérieuse, sauvage, une femme arabe qui rappe sur les problèmes de la politique, la religion et la société; et MC Lix, c’est mon autre facette, plus féminine, sexy qui fait dans la chanson commerciale et parle d’amour et d’amitié”. Lynn Fatouh fut élue en 2007 parmi les meilleurs MCs du Liban par MTV Orient. Voici une vidéo d’une de ses prestations, pour mieux faire connaissance avec la seule rappeuse du monde arabe, la chanteuse arabe de Beyrouth, Lynn Fatouh alias Malikah mais connue aussi sous l’étiquette MC Lix. (on Mondorama).

… Lynn Fatouh plus connue sous le nom de MC Lix ou encore de Malikah est née en France à Marseille en 1986. Moitié Libanaise, moitié algérienne, elle est élevée dans un Beyrout d’après guerre et connaît dès l’age de 16 ans un certain succès sur la scène hip-hop libanaise. Elle gagne une compétition de hip-hop, est invitée à l’émission de télé Zaven et signe avec EMI Orient en 2003. Malikah rappe aussi bien en arabe qu’en anglais et depuis 5 ans elle fait du RnB. Elle joue régulièrement au Liban et a tourné en Pologne et au Canada. Malikah a travaillé avec la plupart des producteurs de hip-hop et a collaboré avec des rappeurs connus sur la scène de Beyrout comme Biloma, Cheb Mami, Hasna et As’er. Elle joue sur le premier album “New World Disorder” du DJ et producteur Lethal Skillz qui sortira prochainement et elle est membre de ‘961 Underground Family’ qui compte LCI Entertainment signed RGB et Siska – tous deux jouaient dans les groupes de la vieille école du Rap libanais Kikaa 3 Beyrut et MC Moe plus connu sous le nom de Gemini 7 of Mix FM fame. Elle joue aussi dans le documentaire du 961 Underground produit par Phonomefodz qui sort bientôt. En 2006, Malikah rencontre son producteur, The Mighty Thor du Bronx et rejoint la même année à l’équipe de The House of Representatives (T.H.O.R.) qui comprend THE Might Thor, Boulevard, J-Ma et Bravo … (full long 14 pdf pages-text).


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