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Nuri Albala is a Lawyer (Bar Association, Paris Appeal Court) since 1966, Member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (New Delhi / Brussels), Chairman of the International Inquiry Committee “Basic Human Rights and Globalization”, Founder member of “The Observatory on Globalization” (France).

He says: “I was sent for human rights inquiry missions by several NGOs (Iran 5 times, Argentina, Colombia .) and for human rights-teaching missions either by NGOs (Paraguay, Uruguay) or by the H.R. High Commissionneer of the United Nations (Haïti)”. (

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Nuri Albala – France


Seattle; Nice; Prague; Gòteborg; … and then Genoa. Every time, the same scenario: those who represent the mighty of this word meet and take decisions affecting the future of our planet; while those who speak for non-governmental organizations, for citizen associations, for trade-unions and what is known as sociai movements or the civil society get together and affirm that they, as citizens, must have control over what the mighty of this word are doing.

Time and time again, there are grave incidents, even tragic incidents such as those that happened in Genoa.

Greatly concerned about these tragic events, a group of lawyers of different backgrounds have decided ta mobilize for action.

The basic rights of human beings include: freedom of expression; freedom to demonstrate; freedom to come and go; it is these rights and others that are being threatened today.

Globalization is governed by principles which are linked to the search for profits rather than the enhancement of citizen rights; the time has come to take stock of how human rights are faring in this time af globalization.

The authors af this Call are lawyers and their proposais are based on a two-pronged legal view:

- a survey from a legal standpoint of events and of their attendant breaches of freedoms

- a presentation from a legai standpoint of the ways to avoid, in the future, the kind af serious vioiations of
basic freedoms that have been committed, so that citizens can express their views freely.

This two-fold approach was thought to be required in order to, both, inform citizens about the situation and the possibilities for action open to them, and in order to promote a system based on law which would fulfill the aspirations of our peoples.

When the wealthy, or those who represent wealthy nations, resort to repression against wamen and men who want to have a say about the kind af world they will be living in, then every citizen’s rights are threatened.

We must therefore announce that those who intend to govern the planet, with the WTO at their head, shall be piaced under civic control.

While peaceful demonstrators are met with repression, at the same time citizens’ rights are threatened additionally by the “hyper-security” measures imposed under the banner af the “war on terrorism”.

These are the circumstances which have led a number af jurists’ organizations …

European Association of Jurists for Democracy and Human Rights, Democratic Lawyers of Europe, Democratic Jurists of Switzerland, Internationai Association of Democratic Jurists, Coordinamento Giuristi Democratici

… to call far the founding of an International Committee of Inquiry to protect basic Human Rights in the face of Globalization.

Basic Human Rights and Globalization: While we consider that the legal point of view is a tool eminently suited to approach the subject and to perform the necessary analysis, we realize that it is not the only possible approach; therefore, in calling for constituents for this Committee, we address not oniy lawyers organizations but extend the call also to persons who have earned a reputation for their democratic stance and for their partecipation in rnouvements for more rights and freedoms.

We would be grateful if you would let us know whether you personally, or your organization, are ready to support our stand-point and the founding af the Committee, in which case we would request that you contact either the headquarters of the future Committee. Address: Committee of Inquiry to Protect Basic Human Rights in the face of Globalization “Basic Human Rights and Globalization”, 13, Boulevard Georges-Favon, CH-1204 Geneva Tel. 41-22/312 14 OO Fax: 41-22/312 14 52, or Nuri Albala, e-mail.


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