Last entry for this World People’s Blog


Sorry, I have to stop entering every day a new person on this World People’s Blog. Since some time I am too much overworked. The crashing of the media update tool for this whole blog construction is for me the moment to accept what I try to realize since some months: stop overworking me. 

For some time I’ll continue to update the NGO Blog, it is receiving the most (merited) attention, belonging to automatic statistics of our provider. And I still believe: it is important for us, the Civil Society, to know each other as much as possible.

My two blogs Humanitarian Texts and Economy and Society will receive some random entries, not daily, but belonging to what is presenting itself. From now on I want them with more positive news, showing less critics but mainly progress, reflection and development.

For three years now I showed every day another person on this People’s blog. For every one I have seen special qualities, being a help for this humanity, some making us just happy, but every time I feel admiration. This work was my way thanking life for all what we humans are able to do.

The goal was to let us be aware: wouwwh, we are a real good humanity, there is so much hidden quality on this planet. I want this be acknowledged.

I want make us feel: this humanity is a good one! We are rich of development, rich of creativity, of devotion to life … let’s continue to sing the song of life. It’s what nourishes our soul !


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