Francis F. Muguet – France

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He is international expert for new technology /expert international pour nouvelles technologies. He is working with the WSIS project:

  • About WSIS;
  • WSIS Follow-Up: In the resolution (2006/46) passed on 28 July 2006, entitled “Follow-up to the World Summit on the Information Society and review of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development”, ECOSOC indicated how it will oversee the system-wide follow-up of the Summit outcomes, as requested in the Tunis outputs. This is in the context of the annual consideration by ECOSOC of the integrated and coordinated implementation and follow-up of major United Nations conferences. To this end, ECOSOC decided that the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) will assist the Council as the focal point in the system-wide follow-up of WSIS. (full text).
  • WSIS Implementation;
  • WSIS newsroom.

A french video on ITC & god governance of the internet: Francis Muguet, Expert International TIC, ENSTA, 5.38 min., Oct. 22, 2007.


Francis F. Muguet – France

Relevant websites he’s working with:

More Websites around all activities of the WSIS, the World Summit to the Information Society (2003 Geneva & 2005 Tunis):

On the internet I found many more links about WSIS, but no texts on F. Muguet’s writings or bio.

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