Usha Menon – India

Usha Menon is the Director of Resource Development for Asia and the Pacific, at Habitat for Humanity International; and is a Board Member of The Resource Alliance. She is recognised as one of the very few Asian resource developers with experience and expertise in both fundraising and training with multi-national and multi-cultural exposure.

Usha Menon – India

Over the past decade, she has helped launch fundraising initiatives in several countries in Asia and is a celebrated speaker and trainer on this subject. (Read more on Resource Alliance).

The world’s leading fundraising conference! The IFC is the world’s leading conference for senior fundraisers with a truly international flavour. Last year saw over 800 participants from over 45 countries worldwide attend the largest IFC to date. The 26th IFC will be held 17-20 October 2006 at the NH Leeuwenhorst, the Netherlands. (Read more on Workshop on Resource Mobilisation).


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