Wei Cheng – China

She is one of the 1000 women proposed fort the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “I’m a Party member, a member of society and I act on what is in my mind. If people share my vision, they too will need to act on it; but if they think it is someone else’s problem, nobody will act.”

Wei Cheng – China

Jinyita Village, Daning County, Shanxi Province, China

Cheng Wei (54) left her comfortable job and home and moved to a remote village in Shanxi Province, China. She put all her efforts – and her own funds – into developing the economy and culture of the area, focusing on road building, electricity and water supplies, schools, and the purchase of trees and seeds.

Sorry, not any other sure information is available through Google. All 25 pages of Google links by Images arriving under ‘Wei Cheng’ are describing other persons that the one of the photo we have. Thus, any text can not be recognished as belonging to ‘our’ Wei Cheng.

But this is not a reason to forget her. Maybe she had an interesting story. We do not know which profession she had before moving to this remote village. Why has she left her city or village, je job, her home? What happened to make her move? Move as a Party member!

If you know anything, please write a comment to this article.

Out of Encyclopedia Mythica: about Wei Cheng, by Micha F. Lindemans – The Chinese deity who guards the back door of domestic dwellings and public buildings. A former minister of emperor Tang Tai-zong, Wei Cheng is far less popular as a guardian of doorways then the Men-shen.

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