Ulrich Tilgner – Germany

He says: “The image by itself is no longer sensational—thanks to modern technology almost anybody can take pictures. But only few are able to sift through the overload of information and disinformation and explain to viewers what it is they actually see. The art is to create a bigger picture for the audience.”

He is responsable of the studio in Teheran for the 2nd german TV channel ZDF.

Ulrich Tilgner – Germany

He says during Monday Meeting in June 2004: On both sides of the conflict, the media formed an integral part of military strategy. For their part, the Iraqis attempted to exaggerate their own strength, aiming to undermine the enemy’s confidence in his own strategy while bolstering the fighting morale of their own side. Conversely, the aim of the Americans was to strike fear into the hearts of the Iraqis by demonstrating US strength and resolve, calculating that nobody is prepared to die pointlessly. On the face of it, the course and outcome of the conflict appear to vindicate the American strategy; but, according to Tilger, the limits of military logic in the absence of a post-conflict plan are also readily evident here.

Used for the first time on a systematic basis, the “embedded journalist” approach (in which media representatives work virtually side-by-side with the troops on the ground, sometimes in the thick of the fighting) is something Tilger has mixed feelings about. If broadcasting companies were to rely completely on this type of reporting, they would be at the mercy of the military. But – because it means being so close to the action – the “embedded journalist” approach makes perfectly good sense if it constitutes only one part of the reporting process. (Read the rest on Rheinmetall-DE Tec AG).

To contact Ulrich Tilgner: Postfach 630 130, DE – 22311 Hamburg, Tel: +98 21 2201 5845, Fax: +98 21 2201 2267, info@ulrich-tilgner.com, or info@orient-film.com.

See also the long article about German-Arab Media Dialogue in Abu Dhabi, on February , 2006, and also on this link.

In german: siehe auch Referat ‘wie beeinflusst Medientechnologie Terror?’ am Bieler Kommunikationstage 29.10.2004.

Same in english: Biel Communications days.

IRNA, the Islamic Republic News Agency reports Ulrich Tilgner saying: Iran to become the strongest Islamic power

The Islamic Republic of Iran will inevitably become the strongest Islamic power in the world, said the Tehran bureau chief of the German ZDF television station, Ulrich Tilgner in an interview with the web portal of the Mittelbayerische Zeitung newspaper on Tuesday.

Tilgner who has covered the Middle East for over 25 years, said he had no doubt ‘Iran will rise to become the strongest Islamic power’.

The German journalist cited several factors on which he based his prognosis, mainly Iran’s tremendous oil and gas reserves, the ongoing Iranian economic growth, Iran’s competitive industry, the country’s good infrastructure and the high academic standards at Iranian universities.

The 56-year-old Tilgner is viewed as one of Germany’s top Middle East experts.




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