My answer about … Shafik Handal

About Schafik Handal- El Salvador, on this site on January 28, 2006.

Dear Mr. Reynaldo Contreras-Valle,

sorry for you beeing troubled.

I do not enter the ideological dispute about any of the persons I present on my site, thinking that there are enough battles about ideology around the world, and in most cases each party is right in some aspects, and also wrong in others. So, in this way you have your opinion and I respect it as what it is: an opinion, not more.

Look, facts can be seen in different ways, I am sure an adversary of your thinking could proof that his way of thinking is as good as yours.

I present persons of different activities and believes, playing a role in the changing of our world, by working on some aspects of the humanity (Human Rights, Economy, Society etc.). I present persons I am ok with, but also others I have more difficulty with.

The goal of my sites is a vision about how rich, different, creative is our humanity in its going on for a better world. We all share one thing: the hope to make things better than they are. If we would agree each other, we would see the result on this humanity. But we do not.

An other goal is to interconnect people – as a non-directive form of networking. When we look to all what is done, with enthusiasm, with courage and selfless service to others, we can get a piece of hope for our humanity. We hear so many bad news, someone has to show how good we are, how much is done, how devoted many of us work for others.

What is very different in every one of us is our way of looking at things. Every one is individual in the way how our brain is interconnected in itself. Every one of us is seeing the reality in a slightly different way … as long as we are not stopped by ideology.

Nobody is really perfect, we all have strong sides and weak ones. But together, when comparing our visions, we can create new visions. New creative visions for our challenges.

But this needs the ability to listen to those having not the same viewpoint. Without this ability, nothing goes on in this way.

If you cannot accept the visions of those not sharing your viewpoint, I can not help you. I will let your answer on the site and put my mail there also.

I have no questions, as I am not battling on ideological items.

Have a nice day, Heidi.

P.S. of March 4, 2006: As I see today, the statement in question has been retired. I let my answer as an explication about the goals of this blog.

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