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Mehdi Mozaffari, Professor of Islamic Studies from Iranian origin and exiled in Denmark, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

He is the author of several articles and books on Islam and Islamism. (See on this blog).

Fatwa: Violence & Discourtesy, by Mehdi Mozaffari – Iran & Denmark, Aarhus University Press, 1998, 213 pp., pbk. ISBN 87 7288 776 1

The author reveals some mysteries about Ayatollah Khomeini, the man who personally led the Islamic revolution in Iran and was consequently responsible for certain cardinal events that have dramatically influenced the entire world. Therefore, it is by no means an exaggeration to argue that the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 is one of the most important political events in the second half of the twentieth century … , … the fatwa delivered by Ayatollah Khomeini on 15 February 1989, thereby sentencing Salman Rushdie to death, is the central point of the book, but it is also used by the author to explain the motives for carrying out the Islamic Revolution and the nature of the Islamic Republic. Mozaffari gives an explanation of fatwa as a specific instrument for regulation of life in Islamic societies and researches its historical origins and development. (Read the rest of this article on Aarhus University Press).

He said: “Despotism in its various forms (tribal, military, religious, and kingship) is the general and invariable trend of the Middle East. Faced with this hopless and dangerous situation, a liberal external intervention seems to be right and just. It is in this perspective that President George W. Bush’s initiative to the democratization of the greater Middle East must be situated”.

Amazon Books: Globalization and Civilizations; Authority in Islam: From Muhammad to Khomeini; Fatwa: Violence and Discourtesy; Security Politics in the Commonwealth of Independent States: Southern Belt; and others, also in different languages.


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