Limota Goroso Giwa (Hajiya) – Nigeria

Linked with our presentation of The Women Institute Initivative in Nigeria.

She is one of the 1000 women proposed fort the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

Goes with ‘Assuming Authority‘.
She says: “If you want to work with the rural women on communication issues, you have to speak their language. And their language is the language of survival.”

Limota Goroso Giwa (Hajiya) – Nigeria

She works for the International Women’s Communication Center (IWCC).

Limota Goroso Giwa, born in Ilorin, in Kwara state of Nigeria, was raised by fishing grandparents. Her father, an imam (leader for Muslim prayers), died when she was 11. She studied human rights at the University of Columbia and obtained her masters in social planning. A senior advocate on women’s rights and coordinator of women and fishery projects in riverine communities in Nigeria, she occupies several humanitarian posts, among them coordinator of the Pan-African and West African Women. In addition, Goroso Giwa addresses issues around the trafficking of Kwara women to Saudi Arabia.

Goroso Gewa Limota lived in a state where the situation was always tense between Muslims and Christians. After the events of 1999-2000 when many died and many houses were burnt, thanks to her determination and her involvement the two religious communities came to live in peace.

As executive director of the International Women’s Communication Center in Nigeria (IWCC), Goroso Giwa Limota is a personality recognized internationally for her fight for human rights.

For the past 20 years until today, she has worked a great deal with housewives and girls coming from all areas of Nigeria to improve their living conditions. She has written several books and articles for the local and international media, for example: Women in the working world since 1988; Women in Nigeria in the year 2000.

A major advocate for women’s rights, in her quest for peace she has travelled a lot all over the world. She regularly participates in international conferences of the United Nations; from 1992 until this day she has acted as a consultant to NGOs.

She has received several honours, among them the ASOKO prize for social enterprise in 2001; she was also part of a group of eight notable Nigerians who received the GEM prize for sustained development. It was during the celebration of Women’s Day in 2003 that the Institute of International Affairs rewarded her great contribution.

Limota Goroso Giwa is godmother and at the same time president of several local and international organizations. Her devotion and achievements are a source of glory and pride for the women in Kwara state and in all of Africal.


Pan African Women’s Liberation Organization (PAWLO);

Womens Safety Award’s 2004;


in Spain: Capitulo 6;

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