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Linked with our presentations of Dalit Women and Reservation Policy, and also of DALIT WOMEN: The Triple Oppression of Dalit Women in Nepal.

And linked with our presentation of Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) – Nepal

She says: “Nepalese Dalit issue is always hidden in national and international level. We want equal society to live as human beings (not ‘men’). So we want your solidarity to eliminate caste (Untouchability) from society.” (Read more here).

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Sorry, I can not find any photo of Durga Sob, Nepal (see also my comment ‘Brave women without photos‘).

She works for the Feminist Dalit Organization.

The hazards, which Dalit women in Nepal are subjected to, are double: one from the caste based socio-economic discrimination of occupational communities they belonged to, and another from the gender based discrimination in the prevailing patriarchal male dominated society. The ramifications of these hazards having direct impacts on their socio-economic and political conditions are even manifold, and have led to their general exclusion from the mainstream of the society they live in. Durga Sob, a noted Dalit woman activist, has even described the prevailing conditions as “the triple oppression” emphasizing the multiplicity of these ramifications occurring in the forms of untouchability, economic exploitation, illiteracy, low-life expectancy, political non-representation, sexual exploitation, slavery and so on. (Read more on NepaDalitInfo).

NGOs call on Member States to adopt Draft Convention on Enforced Disappearance:

Dring the National Seminar on Raising Dalit Participation in Governance: Ms. Durga Sob in her speech expressed during the first session, that the lack of participation of the Dalits, including the Terai Dalits in the governance is the main reason for the backwardness of this community. In the third session Dalit activist and Chairperson of FEDO, Ms. Durga Sob presented her paper on “Dalit Women and Reservation Policy.” In her paper, Ms. Durga Sob stated that the government ignored the problems of the Dalit women. She also said that the protective actions in favour of Dalit women could not be properly implemented. She expressed surprise as to how the Dalit population declined by 3% in the 2001 census. She concluded that since the Dalit women are triple victims from society, males and economic and social conditions, they should be given due participation at different levels through reservation. (Read this long debate about Nepal on Friedrich Ebert Stiftung).

(See National Seminar on Raising Dalit Participation in Governance.

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