Nigel Warburton – England

He is designing and writing philosophy courses, he chairs the Start Writing programme which consists of six short online writing courses, including courses on writing fiction, plays and poetry. He is best known for his introductory Philosophy books: Philosophy: The Basics, Thinking from A to Z, Philosophy: The Classics, Philosophy: Basic Readings, Freedom: An Introduction with Readings, and The Art Question. His main research area is the aesthetics of photography, which was the subject of his PhD thesis (Cambridge, 1989) and of a number of articles.

Nigel Warburton – England

Nigel Warburton joined the Open University in 1994. He is currently working part time. He has given talks on his research in aesthetics, photography and architecture, to audiences in a wide range of institutions including Tate Modern (where he regularly teaches courses on aesthetics), Tate Britain, the Barbican Art Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum (Bill Brandt Centenary Conference), the Architectural Association (Ernö Goldfinger Centenary Conference), Birmingham Library, The Photographers’ Gallery and the Goldfinger House, as well as to various university Philosophy departments. He also regularly speaks to conferences of A level Philosophy and Religious students. (Read more on this article on Open Academy).

Some of Nigel Warburton’s lectures in Philosophy at the Open University:

THE BASICS OF ESSAY WRITING ROUTLEDGE (20 Jun 06), Everything you need to know;

PHILOSOPHY: THE TEXTBOOK ROUTLEDGE (Del Jun 06), Destined to be the market leader for the next generation of philosophy students;


See book reviews:

Architecture: Erno Goldinger by Nigel Warburton;

Thinking from A to Z;

Basic reviews, and also
The basics;

Ernő Goldfinger-The Life of an Architect;


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