Aïda Chouk – France

She is a judge to the Bobigny’s court. She is also the Présidente of the magistrature’s union. She has succeeded Evelyne Sire-Marin in 2004. The magistrature’s union is placed on the left on the french political arena. Like this, the work’s axis of the Presidente are, notably, the independance of the public prosecutor’s office facing political power and the community justice. She is opposed to the increase in immediate appearance and to the emergency justice. (Read the rest on Ideas diary).

Aïda Chouk – France

Excerpt: France – Wiesenthal Center officials met with the heads of the French Magistrates Union The President of the Magistrates Union, Judge Aida Chouk, felt that, “though, since 2001, the law had been reinforced, the volume of juvenile delinquency and recidivism had overloaded the judicial system. Moreover, as prison sentences were repressive and counter-productive, the tendency was to impose a research assignment on antisemitism. [Because] most offenders are uneducated minors from Paris slum peripheries, such [prison] penalties are not the answer,” he asserted. Chouk felt that a global approach was needed to train judges, police and teachers as partners to the solution. The Wiesenthal Center will continue to urge that tougher sentencing become a part of that approach.
(Red the rest on the Blog of Simon Wiesenthal Center).

Read this text in english, translated from french (by Patrick Bolland ), about ‘The Suburbs: In the Wake of the Uprising’ (Cyrille Poy: Banlieue, lendemains de révolte), to get a picture of the situation.

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