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I am not so much happy with my World People’s Blog. My goal is to show engaged humans wanting realise a good job for this humanity. To reach this goal I need written material available for me. But I do not want show V.I.P.s, as they have enough attention. I want give attention to the millions of us giving their best every day for a better world, people like you and me. They must have not only received some attention, but a public recognition of their work must have been put into an ENGLISH text, available for me in some public way (and with a copyright making not too much trouble). This makes that normal people is not enough presented in this blog, mainly those out of poor and not western countries, also women or minorities.

There are so many good persons in countries NOT writing in the latin alphabet, their internet sites showing any chineese, japaneese, arabian or kryllic text. Women of Muslim countries show not any photo, small people in poor countries have not any internet text. For exemple all the many women in the 1000-peace-women-project out of a Chineese country (China itself (108 names), Hongkong SAR (88 names), or Taiwan (99 names) ), they show all only texts of 4 to 5 lines, and they have often only group photos, one cannot see which woman is meant (same for almost all people out of the former UDSSR). And in Google images you can not distinguish each other of the hundreds of Li, Wang, Chang, Tian, Shang etc. etc., if any of them shows hopefully a text in english, and not only in chineese. Even good known human rights workers out of the french colonies of Africa show only texts in french.

Ok, for the frenchies there could be made also a world peoples blog with our francophone blog. But sorry, I am old and have reached the limites in time and energy of what is possible for me to be done every day. As I am also making the other blogs, the NGOs blog, the blog with many Humanitarian Texts, also the Economy & Society blog, and the blog relating news around the United Nations and countries. My limit is definitively reached.

So, if one knows good people of more modest conditions, all those making a good work and having no chance to be reached by my limited efforts, people working to create a better world for ALL humans, in their free time or as a profession, please do not stop yourself to send me a longer text, with an electronic photo. This text should contain their work in a sobre form, but NOT making battle for any religious or political ideology. The main concern of this blog is all around human rights, but this includes all what gives us a way to live together in peace, freedom and progres.

You may take the already written presentations as a guideline. And please indicate your name and coordinates to be put with the presentation, and also your sources, if a text is not written by yourself. Texts are to be sent to this e-mail address. Many thanks in the name of all this famous people.

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