Willy Randin – Switzerland

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Texts about Willy Randin himself are seldom and they are most in french. What can be found in the internet is about his devoted work for what is called the south, the poors, women, projects in emerging countries. But this work is so important, so I’ll do my best:

Willy Randin – Switzerland

The founder (of the NGO Nouvelle Planète) Willy Randin, who used to direct the hospital, and Maurice Lack, an architect specialized in bioclimatics, proposed a project based on renewable sources of energy. Research was conducted in this direction, but the people in charge of the Albert Schweizer hospital were not interested by the project. Instead of simply abandoning their ideas, Maurice Lack and Willy Randin wanted to develop the appropriate technologies with interested people in other parts of the world. To do this, they founded the « Albert Schweizer Ecological Centre » (CEAS) and the «Sahel Action of Schweizer’s Work » (now « Nouvelle Planète »), in Switzerland.

At the time, Willy Randin was working for a big development agency in Switzerland, and he had been able to see the extent to which citizens had the desire to understand the reality of Southern countries, and to mobilize themselves in view of backing small projects by establishing direct relations with the beneficiaries. (See this page of Nouvelle Planète).

Books and articles in french, by Willy Randin:

La place des femmes dans l’histoire, racconté par wikipedia.fr;

“Vers Une Entraide Internationale Efficace”, bookfinder;

“Petit Guide … pour animateurs”, workcamps;

“La Trame Sacrée De La Vie – Montagnards Du Viêt-Nam”, fabri-antiquariat;

“L’autre Sénégal”, ceas;

“Développement : l’avenir par les femmes”, iamm;

Et aussi chez Nouvelle Planète: “Femmes sources de progrès”; “Signes d’espérances”; “De l’enthousiasme à l’action”.


the Jonas Foundation (a 16 pages pdf-text in english, french and german, about realised projects);

Alliance, participating in World Citizens Assembly;

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