Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira – Brazil

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She is the President of the Women’s Leadership Center, Brazil, and she was formerly president of the National Council on Women’s Rights. She is actively engaged in the cause of gender equality for more than thirty years. She was Co-chair of the Brazilian Delegation to the Beijing Women’s Conference. (See

Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira – Brazil

About her book: A radical proposal that equality between men and women will only be achieved through the acknowledgment of their difference without hierarchy. “In no other book have I learned so much about women in the public sphere as in this impressive essay. In a continent whose culture has been marked by the work of great women from Sor Juana to Rigoberta Menchú-Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira is one of the most outstanding.”-Tomás Eloy Martinez, Rutgers University. Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira is arguably the most influential and visible feminist in Brazil. The emergence of the feminine as a paradigm for social change constitutes the landscape of her essay In Praise of Difference. And here the book: In Praise of Difference, The Emergence of a Global Feminism, Translated and with a preface by Peggy Sharpe, Subject: Women’s Studies/Latin American Studies. Cloth ISBN 0-8135-2557-8, Paperback ISBN 0-8135-2558-6. (See Rutgers Univ. Press, and also Univ of Oklahoma Lib.). Same in Portuguese Elogio Da Diferenca: O Feminino Emergente, 1st edition ISBN: 8511160175.

In the fight against terrorism, citizens have all too often been forgotten. In addition to the state response, the strengthening of civil society is critical in formulating a long-term response to terrorism. During the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security, hold on 8-11 March 2005 in Madrid, they discusses the roles citizens can play in strengthening democracy and countering terrorism. She participated this working group 14 , to examine the impact of terrorism and political violence on civil society. They attempted to define the sometimes delicate relationship between the citizens and the terrorists. See also this page of Safe democracy foundation.



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