Frederick Akhelumele – Nigeria

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Mr. Frederick Akhelumele – a Nigerian school teacher who has lived in Austria for many years, founded the organization in August 2002. Since then, Mr. Akhelumele has embarked on a mission to give children in Nigeria and other developing countries a brighter future through the agency of Youthcare International.

Frederick Akhelumele – Nigeria

In the final week of October, 2005, Dr. Rupp and a small team of Austrian sponsors visited Nigeria for four weeks. There they attended the official opening of the Ebhebe Project and experienced the first few weeks of the school in action. Below is a report from Dr. Rupp.

On the 25th November 2005, the school was officially opened in the presence of many important members of the Nigerian society including politicians, religious leaders, educators, doctors etc. Currently the school has eleven highly qualified teachers who instruct the classes according to the West African curriculum. The standard of education is quite high and comparable to European standards. Remedial teaching is also ongoing for a number of children between the ages of 12 and 14, who still cannot read and write properly. Healthy snacks are available to the children during the breaks. The children have often expressed how happy and proud they are to be attending the school. Security is provided by competent watchmen 24 hours per day. Mr. Akhelumele, the founder of Youthcare International, has remained there to teach and supervise the project. The executive directors from the Austrian company “print & more”, Mr. Wolfgang Winkler and his wife Mrs. Angelika Winkler donated 2000 schoolbooks. Although start-up has been quite successful and inspiring, we still need a lot of support to sustain the current classes and to implement other vital aspects of the project. These include upgrading the current classes, finishing the kindergarten, completing and outfitting the computer centre, maintaining the remedial teaching programme for children and improving our efforts to disseminate information about AIDS. (Written on 09. Nov. 2005, read more on this page of Youthcare International).

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