Kamala Sarup – Nepal

Linked with our presentations of Women Rights Are Limited in Seminars, and of Crimes Against Women Are Still Prevalent. Further of International Women’s Conference Held in Arlington, and also about Nepal in peace, and also of Peace Journalism.

She writes: Productive and prosperous transformation in the development process, can become viable only through permanent economic development. The essentiality of today, is to ensure the solidarity of national development, with economic re-strengthening. Is it going to guarantee sustainable peace? Will there be earnest effort in harnessing cooperation from all respective sectors? … and … Economic development, whether in personal, group, or international relations, requires a variety of capacities for self-transcendence: transcendence of one’s own interests and perspectives for the sake of understanding the interests and perspectives of the other side, which calls for the virtue of empathy; transcendence of one’s pride and defensiveness. (Read the whole article on the LA Chronicle, June 7, 2006).

Kamala Sarup – Nepal

She writes: For Children’s development we must produce children development program who can work through the Internet. Knowledge work does not require tranportation and large capital investments. However, children development program must be competitive in a world environment. This requires, in turn, world-class education in those subjects so that the graduates are able to compete around the world via the Internet. Many underdeveloped countries today are doing what I described above. Therefore, I can’t think of a better way for us to spend its revenues toward the objective of making us a richer country for our children. It is true, our aim is committed to addressing the challenges of peace and development. We can make this world become the workshop of the world, has very prosperous enclaves on its coast. We too have seen a stunning change to its fortunes as the world has changed with rise. So what does this mean for the children who are being born today? What will their world look like in 2006 and 2010? To have a child can be looked at a number of ways. In adulthood, children are the expected result to approved building block of any civilization. (Read the rest of this article on WEB Commentary).

Writer and journalist Kamala Sarup (M.A. in Journalism) is an editor of peacejournalism.com. Some of the main focus of the e-magazine has been on disarmament, conflict resolution, nonviolent sanctions, conflicts and crises. Its activities include training, research and supports peace, democracy and development in societies undergoing crisis and change. Kamala Sarup is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace Resolutions, Anti war, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, Development, Politics and HIV/AIDS. She wrote and published many articles, books and research papers.

Some of her publications are: Women’s Empowerment (Booklet). Prevention of trafficking in women for prostitution through media, (Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in Women & Girls -A Pre-Study for Media Activism. Her interests include international conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economic and literature. Her current plans are to move on to humanitarian work in conflict areas in the near future. She also is experienced in organizational and community development. Kamala Sarup contributes regularly to World Security Network (WSN), and also this page for her bio, the Scoop Media, the World Press, and her personal bio page, also Share The World’s Resources, and the California Chronicle.

She writes also: Technologies affect living standards in three ways: (1) They create goods and service that people want, but don’t have. Automobiles, telephones, most medicines and medical care did not exist at an earlier time. (2) They improve the quality of goods and services that people already have. Medicines, foods, clothing, medical care are improved compared to those available in former times. (3) They increase the availability of goods and services to more people by reducing the effort, waste, and cost to produce them. Food, clothing, housing, medicines and medical care became cheaper while their quality improved since earlier times. (Read on LA Chronicle).

And she writes also: I don’t enjoy frequent articles from the people on women and sex, women and love, romance or marriages. Because it does hurt my feelings that they don’t work for the women’s empowerment. I am more interested in knowing that the women are being respected. That will provide satisfaction enough. The world should be obligated to defend women and its interests, not the people who have no justice toward women, unless by so doing it indirectly defends the women and interests of the world. Since women empowerment is of vital importance to our economy, it follows that the world will protect the women’s rights. But still why many other countries do not provide anything significant of value to the women’s empowerment. Yes it would be like a great idea. (Read the whole article of May 26, 2006 on SCOOP Independent News).


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