George Khutsishvili – Georgia

Linked with our presentation of Towards an Inclusive Interpretation of Conflict, and with our presentation of International Center on Conflict and Negotiation – Georgia.

Linked also with our presentations of Irina Yanovskaya – Georgia, who works in the same International Center.

He says: “The common point in all major crises is that you cannot overcome them without transforming your mind”.

He is the Chairman of Board of the International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN) based in Tbilisi, Georgia (since 1998); Director of the same Center (full time; since 1994). He is also Professor of Conflict and Peace Studies, Department of International Law and International Relations, Tbilisi State University (part time; since 1994), and Professor of Conflict Studies, Humanitarian-Technical Dept., Georgian Technical University (part time; since 1998).

George Khutsishvili – Georgia

Bio: November 15, 1948 in Tbilisi, Georgia, then USSR, he is now since 1990 Honorary Citizen of Atlanta, Georgia, USA;
1993 Research Fellowship at the Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University (IREX Program in International Security Studies, extended to full academic year with support from Mr. David Packard);
1993 NATO Research Fellowship (Democratic Institutions Individual Fellowships Program);
1994 The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grant (ICCN has been established with this grant);
1995, 1997 Open Society – Georgia Foundation Grants;
1995 Norwegian Refugee Council travel grant for the Negotiation Training Course at Harvard Law School;
1997 International Studies Association Grant to participate in the ISA Annual Convention in Toronto;
1997 Distinguished Leadership Award from the American Biographical Institute (Note: Also look in the publications part).
For the rest of his long CV, Memberships, Fellowships, Awards and Honors, his Workshops, Conferences, Courses and Books see al on his Homepage.


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