Heidi Barathieu-Brun

I am 79 years old (in 2015), born in the german speaking part of Switzerland, having been married some times to a french guy, long enough to create four magnific children. These today very grown up individuals are the best result of this time.

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Now I live on the 12th floor of a colored city, out of the windows you can contemplate the Jura, a smooth mountain coline between Switzerland and France. Downstairs greening chestnut threes, from the west arrive photogenic clouds and lights. I have time to look around me with some distance. Some of my reflections you can find on my personal blogs in german, french and english, and some of my photos on Heidi’s privat photos.

My appart is as little as my desire is huge to make move this humanity: stop wars, increase humanism, no more children crying, no despairing fathers, fighting mothers … oh yes, this dream wants strongly his place … the dream of a better life for all in this humanity. I never will loose it.

I found this NGO through my daughter, Sophie Barathieu. She met Kashi Nath Pandita at the UN Geneva. They had many discussion and decided to create the Geneva Office of this NGO in Delhi. I decided to join their engagement.

north-east view out of my first window

the Geneva-Office’s work place

west view out of my second window

Addendum September 2008: a new election of our staff made me President of AEHRFs Geneva-Office, while Sophie is preparing huger projects of her own, for which we wish her all success. I am grateful and happy to be a moving part for the Geneva Office.

Addendum March 2011: in past GA Sophie was again elected member of our small staff for honoring her precious help she gives us, despite her big work for other projects.

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