James J. Puplava – USA

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He is a Certified Financial Planner, Licensed Registered Representative, Registered Principal.

He says: ”… Yes, we have created a way of life now that is entirely dependent on long-distance transportation of food and other essential resources. And of course division of labor is nothing new it goes back to the beginning of agriculture itself, but division of labor has increased tremendously during the industrial revolution, so that today the average person is completely dependent on people that he or she has never met, never will meet, who may live thousands of miles away, who are producing everything that we rely upon”.

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James J. Puplava – USA

He is the President of Puplava Financial Securities Inc. (PFS), an investment advisory and money management firm. Founded in 1985, PFS specializes in investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning services. Mr. Puplava is also president of Puplava Securities Inc. a Broker-Dealer and Member of NASD/SIPC. He is a member of the Market Technicians Association and a CMT candidate.

Among his many awards and achievements, Mr. Puplava was honoured in 1992 as one of America’s top ten Financial Representatives by Registered Representative Magazine. (Voir on Kimber Resources).

Perhaps Jim’s greatest gift is his ability to take the complicated and communicate it in an understandable manner. He pioneered Financial Seminars in the early 80’s in the San Diego County. Because of his busy schedule with managing money and the radio program, Jim has elected not to give public seminars. Even so, his clients enjoy 3-hour Client Only Meetings where his presentations make sense out of today’s market.

His talkshow, “Financial Sense Newshour”, has been a well-respected radio program for over 16 years. As his listeners will tell you, their week isn’t complete until they’ve heard Jim’s weekly take on the markets.

Financial Sense Online has been on the Internet since 1997. In the fall of 1999, Jim began to write a Financial Sense Newsletter for the Internet called “Perspectives”. In this series of articles he exposes the truth of what’s really going on the stock market. February 2000, Jim brought Financial Sense Newshour to the Internet with www.NetCastDaily.com.

Jim and his wife Mary (office manager for 18 years) live in San Diego, California with their three sons. Their eldest son is the senior trader for PSI. A history buff, Jim is an avid reader and loves sailing his J105 sloop, “Jimmy-J” in the San Diego Bay every chance he gets. Mary is also FSO’s webmaster and enjoys her garden… especially roses. (Read more of this interview on Goldline International.Inc).
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