Massimo Trombin – Luxembourg

Linked with IRFF.

He says: “living for the sake of others is a way of life”.

Read this IRFF Guatemala Disaster Report.

See his profile on (and their Homepage).

Read his article of May 2005: Spring Of Service 2005.

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Massimo Trombin – Luxembourg

He works for the International Relief Friendship Foundation IRFF; and for IRFF Europe.

With this organisation, he workes out Humanitarian Projects. Here some of them:

Project: CHITTAGONG/ABURKHIL, BANGLADESH 1995, January 15-19, Thirty five participants, Three nations – The 3rd Bangladesh national project took place in Aburkhil, the nations largest Buddhist village with a population of 12,000, located one hour from Chittagong.

The village, home of RYS alumni, Sangetta Barua was well prepared to receive the RYS. During the project the villagers increasingly showered attention on the RYS participants. RYS alumni assumed much responsibility and gained valuable experience and insight that is important as they build up an RYS alumni association. (See Religious Youth Services).

Read the article “Implementing the Culture of Peace“.

Project ‘Peace is in our hands’: “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of peace must be constructed.” This principle, found in the preamble of the UNESCO constitution, was the motto of the first day of the IRFF international volunteers camp. The theme of the camp was “The Culture of Peace” and it was organised in Slovakia from 16th to 25th July 1999.

Read ‘Peace It Together’ NEWS, The Monthly Newsletter of UNOY Peacebuilders, Number 24 – JUNE/JULY 2006.

He is linked with WANGO.


Universal Peace Federation, (and its new Ambassador in Slovenia);

World campaign for in-depth reform of the System of International Institutions;

American IRFF Newsletter.

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